Sunday, September 15, 2013

Adopted Luna

We adopted a female degu today.

Her name is Luna and she will be 2 on October 1st 2013.

I found out about her through a page I found about degus on Facebook and offered her a home.

At first they declined my offer due to how far she had to travel to get here, but they can't find a better home so Luna made the long journey. She didn't cope too well with it, but she's calming down slowly.

I've now got her previous owners on Facebook so they can keep up with Luna related updates.


Intense Guy said...

How far is a long journey for a Degu?


Toriz said...

Depends on the degu. To some a short five minut trip up the road is too much, but for others they're fine with anything less than an hour. Luna spent about four hours making the journey here if I remember rightly.