Monday, November 10, 2014

Crafty update - November 10th 2014

I don't have much to update you on with crafts this time. But here's what I've got to share...

Here's a card I made to put a note in when I sent something to Rita recently. I thought it would be nicer than just a plain note.

This card I made for a very good friend of mine, who had his birthday at the start of November:

And here's the card I made for our niece, Tamara, who had her birthday at the end of October:

I did also finnish making the blanket I was making myself. But I keep forgetting to get Kelly to help me sort photos of it. He'll take the photos as soon as I remember to ask him, I'm sure, LOL! Anyway, I'll get pictures at some point, and post them when I can. But, hey, at least I finnished making it in time for the cold weather, so we both have a new knitted blanket to curl up under this Winter. With how chilly it's gotten already, we need them too!