Monday, March 09, 2015

Monday's random mutterings - March 9th 2015

My degu buddies are two years old today.

Can you believe it?

It seems like only yesterday we were bringing them home, and now they're two years old, and more than twice the size they were then!

I still remember the day we brought them home; they practically exploded out of the top of the box they'd been put in for transportation from the petstore when we opened it. Well, Jacob, Joshua, and Jenks did, anyway. Jasper was too scared; he always was the more easily frightened and upset of all the boys, and stayed huddled in a corner of the box until I lifted him out. Poor little guy!

Anyway, they've been an entertaining addition to our family. Though, I have to admit, they can be quite a handful sometimes - well, OK, I admit it... Most of the time - and are just as stubbourn as they were as babies - if not more so - and still only do things when it suits them... So, not much different from humans, LOL!

Anyway, happy 2nd birthday, Jacob, Jasper, Jenks, and Joshua!

Speaking of Jacob...

It's also the birthday of one of my cover artists, Jacob (the one who drew Zeena the faerie dragon) on March 12th.

So, happy birthday, Jacob!

And, while we're on the subject of birthdays...

My brother, Wayne, has his birthday coming up on March 15th.

So, a very happy birthday to you too, Wayne!

Yeah, I know... A lot of birthdays this week!


Mothers' Day - or "Mothering Sunday" - is on a different date in the UK to other countries; for some reason we just have to be different.

Anyway, this year Mothers' Day here in the UK will be on March 15th... This coming Sunday.

So, happy Mothers' Day to my Mam, and to any other Mothers who read this; be you in the UK or not!


It took until Saturday morning for me to have a working phone.

Yes... Really!

I got a message from them Tuesday saying they'd left me a message on my phone's answer service. A message which, of course, I didn't get, due to the phone not working. They also asked me for another number so they could call me... Despite my having told them in the original fault report that I had no other phone; hence me contacting them via Twitter.

To cut a long story short, what followed was a few days of back and forth between me and the phone company - both by e-mail and on Twitter - with several dozen checks of the phone and its wires in between, because they kept saying it was fixed, and asking me to check it again.

Anyway, I ended up with a new number, even though I only moved about four blocks, and was told I could take my old one with me. But, to be honest, I care more about having a phone that works, than the minor inconvenience of needing to give out a new phone number. And, hey, at least they gave me another one that's simple, so easy to remember.

Plus, I got a message this morning telling me I'm going to get compensation for the time I was paying line rental for a phone I couldn't use, which makes me feel a little better about it.

So, anyway, all's well that ends well when it comes to the phone issue.


I FINALLY have an appointment to go to the hospital about my tooth!

I know... It's a miracle!

The appointment letter arrived during the move; just as well really, because I was having trouble getting hold of them to give them our change of address. I even left a message for them to get back to me, but they didn't return my call. Or, maybe they did, but took so long that the number I gave them no longer worked by the time they called? *Shrugs* I'll probably never know, and will try not to lose sleep ofer wondering about the answer to that one... I mean, I lose sleep over enough as it is, LOL!

Anyway, the appointment is for ten days from today... March 19th. I've got to be at the hospital for just after 9:00am... Good thing the hospital isn't far from where we live. Though I'll still be up really early anyway, I expect, since I sleep even worse than normal if I know I need to get up early the next morning. That's why - when I have a choice - I try to make appointments for either late in the morning, or some time in the afternoon; preferably the latter! I also like to try and avoid rush hour traffic, which won't be an option this time... Getting to the hospital in rush hour traffic is going to be fun... NOT!

Oh, well... At least I FINALLY have an appointment.


Interested in herbalism/traditional medicine?

Check out this post on some of the things peppermint can be used for.

The essential herbal blog also has interesting posts about the uses of other herbs; they do a herb of the week feature, so it's worth following them... Especially if you have an interest in herbalism/traditional medicine, or like to cook with a variety of seasonings.

And, no, they aren't paying me to promote their blog - though it would be nice if they did, LOL! I just think it's a cool site.


This has been all over the news, so you'll probably already know about it; unless you've been hiding under a rock for a little over a week... In which case: well done for getting up the courage to crawl out from under your rock!

But,anyway... In all seriousness... Because it is a serious matter.

Leonard Nimoy - Spock of Star Trek - died at the end of February.

Very sad news indeed! Though not entirely unexpected, since he's been ill for some time.

I'm pleased to be able to say that he did, at least, make it to a decent age; he was 83. Not that making it to a decent age makes it easier on those who were close to him, I suppose. But perhaps the knowledge that he led a long and full life will give them a little comfort? I hope it will...

Rest in peace, Mr Spock!


Intense Guy said...

Happy Birthday to the "Jay Gang!" Wow... two years already? I don't believe it!!

I'm glad you got your phone sorted out finally - and that soon you will get your toothache taken care of - that tooth has been aching for far too long!!

Rest in peace Leonard Nimoy (and abject lesson to those that smoke).

Victoria Zigler said...

Agreed! (Both about the tooth hurting too long, and the lesson about smoking).

I know... Doesn't seem like the boys should be two years old already, does it? But they are!