Sunday, November 01, 2015

Looking ahead to Thanksgiving (FD)

For Canadians, Thanksgiving happens on the second Monday of October, so it's over. But for those of you in America, Thanksgiving happens on the fourth Thursday of November, so it's a few weeks away, and you're probably busy making plans for celebrating with family and friends.

Perhaps you'll have a turkey dinner? Perhaps you're cooking for vegetarians, so want to find something involving pumpkins or cranberries to make for your guests? Maybe even both?

I actually mentioned Thanksgiving in last month's looking ahead post. Plus, I have some recipes on my website's recipe section that would work well for thanksgiving... Especially if you're looking for vegetarian options. Not to mention, of course, there are plenty of ideas and recipes all over the internet.

Don't forget... Recipes can be adapted. For example: on Friday I used the pumpkin sage sauce recipe I have to make a veggie bake, but I ignored the mention of sage and nutmeg, and instead added a pinch each of paprika and ginger. Where as yesterday, on the other hand, the only adaptation I made to the sauce was to leave out the onions, since Kelly was having some with me yesterday, and he isn't a big fan of onions (there were onions in Friday's meal, since Kelly wasn't having any). Kelly and I had the pumpkin sage sauce with pasta and cheese, if you're interested. Both times there were leftovers, so - since I know from experience that the sauce freezes just fine - I now have two full veggie bake meals, and two little pots of pumpkin sage sauce, which are safely in the freezer for when I want to use them.

Anyway... The main reason I'm actually writing this post is because Jeanie did a Thanksgiving version of her looking ahead posts a few days ago, and I thought those of you who don't follow her blog might be interested in checking it out, since Jeanie has some great ideas and tips to share with you. So... If you are interested in reading her post, then click here.


Deanna said...

I need to try that pumpkin sage sauce! And thanks for the link to Jeanie's blog. I'm heading there now to check it out.

Victoria Zigler said...

You're welcome!

When you try the sauce, I hope you enjoy it... I'll be interested to know what you think of it.

Rita said...

Oh goodness! Thanksgiving is a month off yet over here. I haven't even thought about it yet--LOL! Now you have me thinking about it, though. Yummm! ;)

Victoria Zigler said...

We're in November now, so it's really only a few weeks away. Also, the post was meant to get you thinking about it. After all, sometimes preporations take a bit longer, or you need to think about it in advance when you do your shopping, or whatever.

Jeanie said...

Thanks for the shoutout and thanks for the recipe reminders. I took a look over there not long ago and I think I need to go back and check 'em out again!

Victoria Zigler said...

Your welcome on both counts. :)

I don't have the pumpkin spice sauce recipe on there, since it's just the pumpkin sage sauce recipe with the sage and nutmeg removed, and a pinch each of paprika and ginger put in when you're meant to add the sage.

Intense Guy said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

Hey, you can celebrate it twice - or even every/any day you feel thankful!

Victoria Zigler said...

True, we could.