Wednesday, July 06, 2016

#Writing Wednesday - July 6th 2016

Just in case you missed my post about it on Saturday...

All my books are half price this month as part of the Smashwords Summer/Winter Sale.


I've almost finished my story about The Battle Of Hastings.

Well, I suppose you could technically say I have finished it, since it's now going through the various editing stages my books get put through. So the story is actually completed, but not quite ready to be let loose to fend for itself in the big wide world just yet. Soon though... Very soon!

I put my books through several editing phases, and then the proofreading phase, in the hopes of catching all those pesky typos and things. That's what's happening to this story right now. Of course, even the best editors and proofreaders in the world can sometimes miss something. But I think it's important to at least try to avoid any sneaky typos being missed. Hence the several editing phases, which I consider essential before publishing.


Writing a story where you want to make reference to the night sky? make sure you have your facts right, so you don't jolt your reader from the story. The same goes for facts in general. Research is very important, whether you're writing non-fiction or fiction.

Confused about view points? This post about various points of view will help make it a bit clearer.

Also, don't forget that an author - especially an author of children's books - can help to encourage acceptance of others by using vicarious contact. So, if you're a writer - especially one who writes for young children - help show others that people who look different on the outside, or come from different backgrounds, are the same on the inside, and can often have a lot in common.

Ready to write your book's blurb, and dreading the task? These tips will help you to take the fear out of writing book blurbs, by giving you some helpful tips for writing yours.


Intense Guy said...

Happiness is a book without any (glaring) typos!!

Victoria Zigler said...

Absolutely! Too many typos can spoil a reader's ability to enjoy a book.

Jeanie said...

Battle of Hastings sounds fascinating! Good luck with the editing. It is my favorite part of writing, actually (comes from 32 years of doing it for work!) but it is tedious! Congratulations on being nearly done!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! I don't like the editing nearly as much as you do. I do think it's the easiest part, and also that it's essential. But I prefer the actual writing process. Still, I must admit that seeing a properly edited version of what I wrote does feel great!