Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Lazy Wednesday

It's been a lovely day today. I hope it will be just as nice tomorrow. I've got Shireen for the day (and over night) tomorrow, and I'm hoping I can take her and Kero to the park, and if it rains I wont be able to. Well, we can still go for a walk, but both Kero and Shireen will enjoy it more if we can spend the afternoon outside.

I pulled out all my craft stuff today, ready to help Shireen make the card for her brother tomorrow. I was just going to put the new stuff among it and put it back away, but decided it would probably be easier to just leave it all stacked on one end of the table. Our table seats six, and even with Shireen there are only three of us, so it's not like the stuff will be in the way.

I haven't really done anything else today, so I guess I'll let this do. After all, this is my third post today, and I'm posting this more because I'm bored than because I've got something to say... LOL!



KAYLEE said...


Jayde_Bramblerose said...

so it was your turn for a lazy day today then , and have fun with shireen and tell her grandma sends her tons of hugs and kisses .


Liz said...

Well Tori I am glad that you got your blog sorted out and I love the poem as well. three times in one day thats going some.

Tori_Z said...

Thanks... Good luck with your surgery!

Yes, it was my turn for a lazy day.

Auntie Lizzie:
It sorted itself out. Sometimes the blogs just don't load properly for some reason. When that happens, you have to just give them some time.

Yeah, sometimes I post a good few times in one day.

Thanks, glad you liked the poem.