Saturday, August 04, 2007

Trains, books, flowers, lakes, geese and planes

OK, well, firstly I want to apologise for any photos that aren't too great. My Mam took most of them, and she's not familiar with the settings of my camera. Plus, it was so hot and humid that I can't promise they would have been all that much better if she did know her way around my camera.

Anyway, this first picture was taken out of the window of the train on the way to Stevenage. I took it just after we left Bristol train station. I took a few more too, but they're in my photo albums.

Mam read some of my Harry Potter book to me on the train (it was a good way for us both to have something to do). I'm still not even close to finished though. We got a couple of chapters read (some on the way there, some on the way back) but I didn't get as much read as I'd hoped to, because the lights in Jackie's house weren't all that great, so it was too much strain on my eyes to try and read, and it didn't take me long to give up trying.

Anyway, Jackie and Shireen met us at Paddington, then we stopped off at King's Cross station on the way there so that Mam, Shireen and I could have our photos taken at 'Platform 9 3/4' and on the bridge where Hagrid gives Harry his ticket in the first movie. I'm only going to post the photo of the sign in this post though, so you'll have to look in my photo albums to find the rest of the photos. There are quite a few, lol!

When we got to Jackie's place, we sat in the garden for a bit and enjoyed the sunshine. Shireen played in her pool, and I took a couple of pictures, which are in my photo albums, and I also took some photos of Shireen's Mr Grass Head plant. She's very proud of her plant. She's grown some sunflowers too.

And I also took some photos of Jackie's plants and flowers. She's grown them from seeds herself, which is a huge achievement for her, because usually her plants die faster than she can grow them.

After we got to Jackie's place and had eaten dinner, we went to a place called 'The Lakes' where we got some nice photos. It was quite a walk for me, as I'm not used to walking a long way, but it was well worth the walk. And, we all enjoyed it.

Mam and Shireen I think had the most fun. There was a play park and they spent a lot of time playing there. I did some videos, which are in our video clips section if you want to watch them.

There were some very beautiful 'Canada Geese' at The Lakes, so, of course, we got some photos of them while we were there. Even Mam was brave enough to go quite close to them, which surprised us all, because she's usually the first to run away when a wild animal comes close.

It would have been a lovely, peaceful spot if it wasn't for the fact that the planes start flying lower when they get near Stevenage because of all the airports, so every few minutes you could hear and see planes. After a while though, we got used to it and didn't notice them.

It was obvious that the geese were used to all the planes and people, because they were very friendly. Shireen was a bit unsure of them at first, but after a bit of coaxing, she was more than happy to let them come near her. At one point she was surrounded by them, and she looked like she was loving every second of it.

Then we went back to Jackie's and sat on her front step eating ice-creams and watching Shireen play with a couple of friends.

And, that was my Tuesday.



AliceKay said...

Great pics. Looks like a nice time so far...

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

sounds like you all had a good time at jackie's .

and the pics are really great to , i will go look at your photo and video page to see the rest of them .

grandma x

Tori_Z said...

Glad you both enjoyed the pics.

Yeah, we had a really good time!

ChicagoLady said...

Hmmm, obviously there are different book covers for HP between the U.K. and the U.S.

Tori_Z said...

There are at least two or three different covers. Mine is the 'children version' because my first couple were got in the children's version and I decided to continue getting them that way. And, Mam and Dad have the 'adult version' which is different from mine. Plus, I think there's another different one. You could find it was the adults' version that you read, because I know that Canada at leeast has the same covers as ours.