Friday, August 10, 2007

Shireen's visit

I got the nice, dry day I'd been hoping for yesterday (Thursday). It was a bit warmer than I'd hoped it would be though. Today (Friday) there was a bit of a breeze, but not yesterday. There were clouds in the sky yesterday, but cloud cover with no breeze doesn't do much to cool you down, does it?

Shireena and Kero spent the morning playing football in the garden, while I was working on getting some dishes washed, and folding some laundry that had been washed the day before. I did peek out on them every few minutes just to make sure both of them were OK, but since they seemed to be having so much fun, I mostly just left them to it. I snapped a couple of sneaky photos while they were playing. This is one of them.

After lunch, Kero, Shireen and I went to the park. First, we walked around the big park where we walk Kero and Willow, and where we have our picnics. I let Shireen bring her scooter, and she was zooming back and forth along the path on it, while Kero sniffed what must have been every blade of grass (it seemed like it to me anyway, lol) and I slowly walked along behind them, keeping an eye on where both of them were and what they were doing. Then Shireen played in the kiddy play park for a while, while Kero and I sat and watched her. And, before we went back to my place, we took a little walk along the path by the river, where I most enjoy walking. We ended up spending the entire afternoon either walking or, in Shireen's case, playing at the park, so by the time we got back to my place, it was time for me to start making dinner.

Once dinner was over with, I helped Shireen make the card for her brother and his soon-to-be wife. And, while we had the stuff out, I made one for them too. I was going to take photos of the cards, but I forgot, and now Shireen's taken them with her to give to her brother Wayne (not to be confused with my brother Wayne, lol) and Kirstee.

Before bed, we watched the fourth Harry Potter movie 'Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire' while we had our supper and a warm drink. I'd have probably been in bed by 9:00 pm, but it was about 9:45 pm the movie ended, and then I had to get Shireen in to bed before I could get myself sorted for bed. It was about 10:15 pm I got to bed, and it didn't take me long to fall asleep.

Got up about 7:30 am. Five minutes later (if that) Shireen got up. So, I was bearly awake sorting her out ready for my Mam to pick her up. Managed to get her sorted quickly though, so she had been ready for quite a while when my Mam arrived to pick her up.

Haven't done much much today, because I've been too tired. It's amazing how much it can take out of you spending a day with a kid when you're not used to it.

I did watch the movie 'Yours, Mine And Ours' today though. It was on one of the movie channels on Sky, so I thought I'd watch it. It turned out to be a pretty good movie.



Jayde_Bramblerose said...

WOW you seemed to have had great fun or should i say " shireen " seemed to have great fun ,lol, love the pictures , shame you didnt get one of the cards.

and now you are a nackered aunty "poor-poor " you , get you in training for when you are a mum .

grandma x

Tori_Z said...

Yeah, Shireen did have fun. So did Kero. I had a pretty good time too.

I'm sure this will start off a fair bit of debate, but, in some ways, it will actually be easier when it's my own. I'm not saying raising kids of my own will be easy. I'm just saying that by the time my kids are running around, I'm going to be a bit more used to constantly being on the go all day.

C-Canobie said...

Hi Tori - I purposely watch movies like "Yours, Mine & Ours" to give me some perspective after my one child tires me out -lol!

Tori_Z said...

Never thought of it like that, but yeah. When you think about how tiring it would be to take care of all those kids, taking care of one seems so easy, and suddenly, you don't feel so tired. LOL!

AliceKay said...

Those are great pics, Tori. I loved the scenery in the pic of Shireen with her scooter. So nice to see your landscape where you live. Happy to hear you had a nice visit with Shireen.

Alok said...

well kids these days do make u tiresome


LadyStyx said...

Which version of Yours, Mine and OUrs did you watch? The Lucille Ball version or the newer one with Rene Russo? Ive seen the Lucille Ball one several times but not the remake.

Looks like everyone had a wonderful time and a good day for it too. I wish we had a park like that around here close by so I had a place to walk.....

Tori_Z said...

Thanks. We can get some beautiful, scenic photos around here.

Kids have always tired people out, it's just that with our current lifestyles we notice it more nowadays. In the old days, the lower class worked so hard they were exhausted even without kids, so they bearly remembered they had kids half the time. And the upper class paid people to take care of their kids for them, while they were busy doing other things (like hunting, having parties, etc) so they bearly remembered they had kids half the time.

Tori_Z said...

The newer one.