Sunday, August 12, 2007

Mostly movie related

'Failure To Launch' turned out to be a really great movie. There were some funny bits in it, and it had a great story line. It was definitely worth watching!

After 'Failure To Launch' was over, the new version of 'The Omen' was on. Well, I say "new" but I believe it was actually released some time last year. Anyway, being a fan of 'The Omen Trilogy' I decided to watch it. It was OK. Just 'OK' though. The old version was better, in my opinion. I felt like they were rushing through the plot, and I hate that. I felt they were more interested in keeping the movie from being too long than in giving us time to get to know the characters and their story. So, I wasn't nearly as impressed with it as I had been with the original version.

I have to admit, that's all I've really done since I last blogged.

I had a bad night last night. Kept waking up every few minutes thinking I was late for some non-existent event. So, I ended up not getting up until quite late. Not that it really matters, because I don't really do much on a Sunday usually. But that doesn't make it any less frustrating.

Anyway, since I don't have anything else to say, I guess I'll call it a day, pick out a colour for today's font, and hit that 'publish post' button.


P.S. Kaylee, I'm glad your surgery went well, and that you're recovering quickly. Please don't forget to rest though!


Liz said...

I didn`t know they were still making the omen movies, and thank you for the help in putting the picture on I have done it but I was not aware that the photo would go on my comments I thought it would just be on my profile thats why I didn`t do one
Thanks alot Tori.

Tori_Z said...

I didn't know they were still doing the Omen movies either. Not until the TV told me last week that it would be on Sky Movies Premier this week. LOL!

You're welcome (about the picture). I'm glad you got it to work.

KAYLEE said...

haha yeah i will rest its just hard sometimes!

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

so you didnt enjoy the " omen 2 as much as you should have done thats sad isnt it , not that i would watch them at any price.

and it sounds as if you had a day like i did " bit lazy " lol, does us good now and then to have a lazy day .

grandma x

Debby said...

I hope you have a wonderful week. I didn't watch any of the Omen movies, they are too scary for me. I'm such a wuss. Hugs

Intense Guy said...

I took a date to see the first Omen movie... we never dated again. I don't think it was becuase of the movie though.

But I don't know why we didn't.

AliceKay said...

LOL, are something else. :)

I don't like scary/horror movies at all. Did you watch The Omen movie before or after you had the bad night sleeping?

LadyStyx said...

Im with Alice...I generally dont "do" horror flicks. At least not very well. When the trailors alone give me nightmares, it aint even worth trying to sit through a 2 hour movie.

lemonade said...

if you liked failure to launch..u should try and catch 'because i said so'..its an awesome movie :)

Tori_Z said...

Yeah, I know it's hard sometimes. But it's still something that needs to be done in order to ensure a full recovery.

Yes, judging by your blog, you did more than me yesterday. LOL!

Debby, AliceKay & Ladystyx:
I decided to answer you three in together, because they sort of tie in together. I've always enjoyed watching horror movies, and have never had problems with nightmares. When I was about 12, I watched 'The Exorcist' before bed without a problem. I don't have nightmares from movies I watch or books I read. It's playing back the "what ifs" in my life that gives me nightmares. So, although I did watch the movie before going to bed, I don't think that was the problem. Sometimes I just can't sleep.

LOL! Well, while it probably wasn't the movie that caused you to break up, I don't think that's the kind of movie most women expect to go and watch when their partner takes them out for a date.

Thanks for the recomendation. I'll bear that in mind.