Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wet Wednesday

When I woke up yesterday, I could barely breathe. So, Megan never went to the vet. Kelly says he'll take her in on Thursday or Friday, if the rain calms down. It's been POURING with rain for about the last 24 hours, and since there are holes in the carrier (obviously, or she wouldn't be able to breathe in there) and our bus stop is open, it would be next to impossible to avoid her getting soaked while waiting for the bus. If the rain hasn't calmed down by Friday, he'll try again Monday (it's emergency only on weekends). But, if we still have no luck on Monday, I'll ask my Mam and Dad if they'll take her in. She needs to be done by the end of the month or I'll have to pay twice as much and start all her shots over again (plus, take her twice this year instead of once). As it is we got the reminder from the vet in the mail yesterday. I usually get them in before the reminder is sent out, but for some reason I've failed to do so for both girls this year (I got the reminder for Sakura when she was due to be done back in February too).

Anyway, I'm not feeling quite as bad this morning as I was yesterday morning. I can, at least, breathe this morning. I would normally be drinking plenty of herbal tea to shift it, but I don't know enough about the herbs and my pills to know if any of the things in the tea I usually drink when I'm sick would affect the work the pills are doing. We do have some paracetamol in the cupboard, but, again, I don't know how it would affect my pills. I'm even more reluctant to take that because my system isn't used to it. I have to be REALLY bad to take anything like that usually, so I don't want to shock my system and have it mess up the hard work we're putting in with those other pills. The doctor did tell me not to take anything (pain-killer wise) that's too strong, and I'm worried that with my system not being used it, even something as simple as a couple of paracetamol would be considered too strong. And, like I said, I don't know enough about the herbs in my 'special tea' to know that they wouldn't effect the pills. Ah well, I guess I'll just have to suffer. On a brighter note though, I'm getting really good at throwing dirty tissues in to the bin from my chair without missing. Yeah, I know... "Eww!" LOL!

We had a little 'visitor' yesterday. Megan brought a frog home, and Kelly thought he was dead. So, we put him in the bin. Kelly opened the bin to put something in there afterwards, and... Up jumps the frog, who turned out not to be dead after all. I'm glad he was the one who opened the bin and not me. I've got no problem with frogs, and was more than happy to keep Kero and the cats back while Kelly caught the frog and took him outside to safety (we hope). But, I prefer not to have things jump out of bins at me. Especially when I have no idea they're in there in the first place. LOL! Megan didn't bring him back, so we know she hasn't got hold of him, because she ALWAYS brings the things she kills home. We usually get at least one 'gift' a day from Megan. And I don't think Chance caught him, because he's never been very good at catching live prey. He's more of a dustbin raider. His 'gifts' to us usually consist of mouldy meats and stuff like that. As for Sakura... Well, all we can do is hope she hasn't gotten hold of him. She doesn't usually go after frogs and toads (prefers rodents) but, he was in her yard, and she's an EXCELLENT hunter. Unfortunately. Poor little frog. I hope he's OK. I know the cats are only following their natural instincts, but I really wish they'd stop killing all these poor little animals. Even more so, I wish they'd stop bringing them home for me.

So... Today is shopping day. Kelly offered to go for me, because of me being sick. Originally I said "no" and was going to go anyway, but my Mam agreed with Kelly, so I gave in and just asked them to bring me home a baguette. I suppose I could have argued the point, but... Why waste energy I don't have fighting a battle I don't care about winning? LOL!



Debby said...

Raspberry leaf tea is commonly used as the foundation of almost all pregnancy teas and is completely safe. It's thought to help promote effective uterine contractions at delivery. Another safe nutritive tea is Aveena or oat straw tea, which is beneficial for the nervous system if you're anxious or depressed. Nettle tea is also safe in pregnancy and it contains a lot of nutritive minerals. They are all suppose to be fine to take before pregnancy. Hope you feel better soon

Tori_Z said...

Thanks Debby.

The tea I normally drink when I'm sick (which shifts the cold pretty quickly usually) contains Elderflower, Raspberry, Cranberry, Chamomile, Spearmint, lemon and honey. The bits I'm not sure of are the Elderflower and Chamomile.

AliceKay said...

Go to google and check out some sites for the drug you're taking, Tori. Some of them should list the side effects and the things that shouldn't be eaten or taken while on the medication.

Hope you feel better soon. *hugs*

C-Kayak said...

Tori - The only teas I drink are Sweet tea & Green tea, so I can't offer any helpful info. I will wish you a speedy recovery though!

Robyn said...

Hope you feel better soon, and that your pills work properly!!

Kati said...

My favorite trick for kicking a cold (or avoiding a full-blown cold in the first place) is a "tea" of honey & apple cider vinegar. About 2 Tbsp of honey to 1 Tbsp of ACV, and enough boiling water to top off the mug & dissolve the honey. Stir well, let cool a couple of minutes & drink. Try for twice a day if you're sick, once a day if you're avoiding sickness in the first place.

Hope you feel better & can get the pet into the vet in time.

Liz said...

Well Tori I hope you fell better soon and I hope the frog was the one that got away lol.
You are wise not to take the herb tea with other medication until you have asked the Dr or chemist.

LadyStyx said...

Hope you're feeling better soon. Nothing more annoying than a summer cold. At least the ones that come in winter have good cause to be there.

Tori_Z said...

Thanks all!

The web sites and doctors offer no help, because they don't tend to mention herbal remedies. Plus, they assume that most people take a paracetamol or two regularly, and as such don't allow for people who take it so rarely it knocks them out when they take it. Thanks for the idea though.

Thanks for the tea suggestion. I don't have any apple cider vinegar, but I know the health food store in town sells it. Nobody will let me go out at the moment though, so I've asked my Nan to pick some up for me when she goes in town. It means I'll have to wait a couple of days, to get it off her, but that can't be heleped. Thanks again!

LOL! I quite agree!

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

well you do sound sorry for your little self , i hope you get better and very quickly to .

i bet that frog gave kelly a fright to , but i'm glad he survived ( fingers crossed ) .

grandma x

KAYLEE said...

PLEASE TAKE CARE And GET WELL SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tori_Z said...

Thanks Grandma and Kaylee

KAYLEE said...


KAYLEE said...


ChicagoLady said...

Megan is one of their cats.

KAYLEE said...


Tori_Z said...

Sorry you're not feeling well.

Thanks for answering Kaylee's question for me.