Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wednesday morning's scribblings

Wifey over at Living The Life With The Wife Of Riley has just given me an award... Thanks Wifey! :)

I can't get it to post for some reason, but I still appreciate it. :)


It's really, REALLY cold here. The ground is covered in frost in the mornings, and some of it is still lingering most afternoons. There's still no sign of snow though. Never mind, Winter's only just got started, so there's still plenty of time for me to get my snow. :)


We got Carl and Rachel's Christmas pressies sent out on Monday, but we never managed to get anything else ready on the weekend. Why? Because my Mam ended up going home Saturday early evening.

Mia and Daisy have been really noisy lately and it was getting on my Mam's nerves. It's not doing much for mine either, but I am home, so... *Shrugs*...

So we're going to have to sort the cards today when my Mam and Dad come for dinner instead. Then Kelly's going to take them and post them either tomorrow or Friday. I've got a present I want to send out to someone else too, but since I haven't actually brought that yet it wont be being sent out just yet. Got to get it sorted soon though... Christmas is only four weeks away!


I forgot to mention on Saturday (November 22nd) that it was Kelly's sister's birthday. So, a belated, "happy birthday," to Sherry. :) I had planned on doing either another post on Saturday to mention it, or one on Sunday to mention it... But I didn't get to it (partly due to not being too well).


There's probably a lot more I could post about, but I think I'll leave it for now. Maybe I'll see if I can get a bit more sleep before it's time to get up and start the day? Maybe!

Enjoy your day! :)



Intense Guy said...

Are Daisy and Mia talking to Kero? Is he saying anything? I bet they are are arguing over him... :)

LadyStyx said...

Congrats on the award!

Got almost all my cards ready yesterday. Still have to get a few for the family and Im just waiting on a couple people who asked for my addy to reciprocate and send me theirs so I can get those cards ready.....I'd like to get them all out the first week in December.

KAYLEE said...

congrats and please email me back!

Tori_z said...

Kero does answer sometimes, but other times he ignores them. I think some of it is them calling for their humans though.

Er.... Right... *Goes off to do just that* Sorry!

Sorry, I've been having weird naps today.