Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Plants and flowers (FD)

Last week Mam and I went and brought some bigger pots and some netting stuff for my beans to climb. We had been trying to get it sooner, but - where a lot of people are buying gardening supplies - we didn't have much luck finding them until Wednesday. Then on Saturday Dad helped me move them in to the bigger pots and get them trying to climb the netting. Mam took the following photo on Sunday.

We're a bit worried about the beans though, because it took us a while to find what we needed to move them in to bigger pots, and they grew quicker than we thought they would. Anyway, they've ended up quite weak low down in the plants. We're hoping they'll strengthen, but if they don't then we don't hold out much hope for them, since if they don't strenthen then it's quite likely they'll snap and end up dead. We've done what we can to help them... All we can do now is hope for the best for them.

My carrots and tomatoes are starting to come up.

There's still not a whole lot to see with them though. It's carrots one end of the tray, tomato plants the other. I know which end is which on the tray myself, but I'm not sure which way around they were when the photo was taken.

And here's a new photo of my Sunflowers.

I haven't got as many now, because I gave a load of them away... It was like a Sunflower invasion! ;)

My Lavender's not really doing anything yet, so I didn't bother getting Mam to take a photo for me.

Oh, yeah, I almost forgot. While she had the camera out, Mam decided to snap a couple of photos of some of the flowers in the garden for you... Ones that were already there.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day! :)



Celticspirit said...

Hi Tori!
First off you misunderstood my last post. I'm a big believer in long term relationships. I re-edited it.

Can you transplant carrots? I see that you have them in that flat container. Will that be big enough to grow them in?

Nice pictures. Everything looks good.

MarmiteToasty said...

Looking good girl......

You would laff at our runner beans... me and Jacob and Sam erected a wigwam thingie with cans and planted 15 runner bean plants about the bottoms.... down the garden in the veggie plot thinking they were big enough for the chickens to leave well alone.... WRONG.... by the time the afternoon was over they had pecked every single bit of green leaf and striped the 2 foot plants bare LOL hahahahahah tomorrow I will have to take a photo.... not that that will be good for you.... so this weekend we will try again but erect a little chicken wire fence around them..... or COOK the dam chickens and be done with it ....


ChicagoLady said...

Good luck with all your plants and veggies.

LadyStyx said...

Lookin good!

Deanna said...

I think your idea of sharing the produce is a great one. The plants are looking pretty good to me. Loved the photos of the flowers.

Tori_z said...

Thanks all. :)

I have no idea whether you can or not. I'm assuming you can, since you can with most things if you're careful. If not then we just end up with little tiny baby carrots. My Dad used to grow a lot of things, and he seems to think it's fine to transplant carrots, so... *Shrugs*... We'll see, wont we? ;)

Intense Guy said...

The plants are looking good... even the beans (to me).

:) You and your mam do indeed have green thumbs.. perhaps its all that elven lore you've read.

Tori_z said...

Thanks, but the beans aren't looking as good now. Something is trying to eat their leaves. :(

AliceKay said...

Yes, you should be able to transplant the carrots to a larger area. Carrots need a rather sandy soil. I've planted carrots before, but I always just planted the seeds in our garden instead of starting them inside.