Friday, June 19, 2009

Kero's Korner: I'm a couch potato

Hello humans. It's Kero here.

The above photo is of me on Mami and Dadi's bed. I seem to spend a lot of time sleeping. Sometimes on the bed, sometimes in one of my doggy beds, other times on the sofa.

Most of the time I nap by myself while the humans do stuff, but sometimes someone naps with me, which is what's happening in the next photo... Hence the foot in the photo.

I don't sleep all day every day though. Sometimes I play with my toys, other times I play in the garden, and other times I go out places with Mami. Also, I sometimes have to bark at people who are too near my property. All this is tiring work for a little dog like me, that's why I need lots of naps. I'm going to have to get the humans to get photos of me doing other stuff though, just so you can see that I do actually do more than sleep.

Licks and snifffs,


Intense Guy said...

Ah, that explains why you are such a handsome and cute dog!

All that beauty sleep you get!

I see you left off the other reason you need your rest - all those girlfriends you have must wear you out... but I understand, a gentleman dog doesn't lick, sniff and tell.


Deanna said...

I want to be you for a day, Kero!

AliceKay said...

LOL @ Iggy

Tori_z said...

LOL @ Iggy. ;)

I'd love to switch places with Kero sometimes too. Would be nice.

Tori_z said...

Of course... The ladies don't like it when you lick, sniff and tell. And a pedigree dog like myself respects that.

I tell you what, you can come and be me for a day if I can play with all those grandchildren of yours for the day. I love to play with kids. And I hear you have some of them "sheep" things... I'd like to get a good sniff of those (the ones I've met wont let me close enough).

Licks and sniffs,

LadyStyx said...

You do know why they humans havent gotten a picture of you doing other stuff right? It's because you're a white blurr. The only time they can get a good clear shot is when you're being still.

Tori_z said...

You're probably right. I'm not going to slow down for them though.

Licks and sniffs,