Thursday, March 04, 2010

Fluffy head moments

I've had several fluffy head moments lately.

You know? Moments when you either do or say something extremely stupid, and you either feel like a total idiot, or take ages to figure out why everyone is laughing... Then feel like a total idiot when you figure it out. Classic Homer Simpson style, "doh," moments in some cases.

The other day, for example, I put some washing in the dryer, set the dial on it, and went off upstairs to do something. A couple of hours later I went downstairs to take that load out of the dryer and put another load in there to dry. When I went to get the washing out though I discovered that it was still wet. Rather baffled I went in to the living room where my Nan was, and said, "well, either that water filter needed emptying, or the dryer is broken." "Why's that?" she asked. So I told her about the wet clothes. To cut a long story short, it was discovered that I'd forgotten one vital thing when putting the dryer on... It only works if you press the "on" button. Doh! Funnily enough, the clothes dried well after the dryer was actually put on properly. LOL!

Then there was yesterday, when I let the dogs out, then said to Mam, "I think the latch on the door is broken." "Are you sure?" asked Mam. "Well, it wont come out," I replied. "What wont?" Mam asked. So I explained to her that the part that goes in the hole bit in the door frame... I don't know what it would be called... Is stuck in the door and wont come out. "Did you try pressing the release button?" Mam asked me. "What button?" I asked. "The one by the handle you pull down," she answered. It was at that point realisation dawned, and I pressed the button, releasing the catch, and enabling the door to be closed. However, I had to open it again almost immediately... I'd shut the dogs out.

There have been several similar moments. I think all the times I keep hitting my head is knocking what sense there was in it out of it. Maybe I should start wearing a crash helmet?



Intense Guy said...

I think a crash helmet would mess up your hair - and you would pop all the bubbles in a bubble wrapping.. hmm.. got to think a little here...


AliceKay said...

Hmm....that last comment was interesting. LOL

I did the same thing with the dryer not long ago. Thought I had pushed in the dial to start it up, but when I went to put in another load of wet clothes, the jeans in there were still wet. I said to myself...that's stupid. LOL

(it's a sign of "old" age, Tori....but you didn't hear that from me...LOL)

LadyStyx said...

Looks like we're all getting hit with the stinkin spam comments.

I hear ya on the d'oh moments. I've been having too many to like having to admit to.

Toriz said...

Stupid spam comments... Go away!


LOL! True!

I'm getting old already? Oh, great! :(

Glad it's not just me! LOL!