Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kero's day at the vet

So, as most - if not all - of you know, Kero spent a large part of Monday at the vet. We had to have him there for 9:20 am, so we left home with enough time to take him for a walk around the park near the vet, then still have him there in plenty of time for his appointment.

Kero absolutely HATES the vets. He's one of those dogs who alternates between barking, whining and howling (though, thankfully, not much of the howling) while we're sat in the vets' waiting room. You know the dog who upsets the cats, scares all the puppies, and sets every other dog in the vet off - even if they had been quiet before hand? Well, that's Kero!

So, you can imagine how much fun the waiting part was.

When we finally came to his turn, he was NOT pleased at being put up on the table to be examined. They had to do it though, to make sure he was healthy enough to cope with the anasthetic.

The vet then said, "we'll put him in one of the cages in the back to calm down, then we can weigh him and give him the sedative when he's calmer."

The following conversation followed...

Me: That's so not a good plan!
Vet: Why?
Me: He suffers from seporation anxiety.
Vet: So, he wont calm down if we do that then?
Me: Nope! And when I leave he's going to get worse, if anything.
Vet: Hmm... Maybe we should weigh him and give him the sedative now, while you're still here?
Me: Yeah, that's probably the best way to do it.

So, she weighed him, and I held him while the sedative injection was given. Poor baby must have been feeling sensative, because he yelped like crazy when the needle went in. Then Mam, Kero and I sat in the office while the sedative kicked in. Little buggar fought it all the way, and we were there for a good half an hour... It should have only taken about five minutes!

Anyway, when he finally couldn't fight any more, he was put in one of the little cage-like kennels, and we left. He did give Mam a nasty look as she was about to turn away after putting him in the kennel, but he was too sleepy by that point to do more than that.

They told us to call and check on him about lunchtime, so we did the errands we wanted to do in town, then went home. We had considered calling before leaving town, since we were still near the vet, but we figured he wouldn't be ready that soon. As it turned out we were greeted by my Nan, who had a message from the vet for us:

"Um... The vet called..." she said. Then paused for so long that I started to get worried. For one thing, I was already worried about Kero... I mean, he's my baby! For another thing, the vet doesn't normally call about animals that are in for operations, unless there's something wrong. And the last time I was called about a furbaby who was in having an operation it was Samhain (my rabbit) and he had died on the operating table. So I'm sure you can imagine how worried I was to find that the vet had called about Kero.

Finally, however, she finished her sentence with the words, "... Kero's ready to be picked up." I can't tell you how relieved I was to hear those words! My baby was OK after all!

I was still a bit confused as to why they had called though. Well, until we got there. The noise coming from the vet answered that question before I could ask it. Turns out Kero came out of the anasthetic extremely quickly, and was NOT happy at where he found himself. We walked in there to hear that Kero was in full howl. A sound that increased in volume when he heard Mam say, "we're here to pick up Kero."

Never before have I heard a sentance like that answered with the words, "Oh, good!" Normally it would be, "oh, right," or similar words. Also, they normally settle the bill before fetching the furbaby. But they seemed eager to get him to leave, which I'd say is the reason for the phonecall. They even gave us a free packet of Denta Stix. I couldn't help wondering if they were saying, "look, just take him away! Here, we'll even give you stuff!"

Apparently they'd tried everything... Taking him out for a walk around the area near the vet, petting him, talking to him... Everything they could think of. Nothing worked, so they phoned us. LOL!

If you're wondering...

When he saw me he practically threw himself in to my arms, his loud noise changed to a slight whimper, then he calmed down and was quiet for a few hours afterwards. He was my little shadow though, and wouldn't let me move without him. Poor little guy was exhausted, but wouldn't settle for a sleep until I settled myself on the bed with some knitting and my story.



Celticspirit said...

Awwww poor Kero. That sounds like quite an ordeal he went through and you must be glad that it's over with.

AliceKay said...

I had a comment in here a few minutes ago but Blogger froze up and it didn't post. Will try again....

Aww is right. I'm glad Kero is back home and feeling much better. Sounds like he had a bad vet experience the other day. I hope you're feeling okay, too. *hugs*

(and if this posts twice, i'm gonna smack Blogger)

Wendyburd1 said...

Maxie HATES the vet too! He doesn't make a peep though once he is taken to a room, he tries to crawl up the arm of whichever family member brought him. I think he is afraid we are leaving him there, which we had to when he ate the 18 fat soaked paper towels and he had to have an operation. Poor babies@!!

Toriz said...

Thanks for the comments all.

It's OK, it only posted once. ;)

Yeah, I'm OK.

Awww... Poor Max!

Deanna said...

LOL Kero is quite the fighter! Glad the operation was successful and he is doing good!

Toriz said...

No kidding! ;)

Thanks! :)

Intense Guy said...

Poor Kero. I guess the Vet and getting wet are about the only things he has to fret about though... and maybe he needs to keep an eye on his toys with Willow hanging around.

:) All-in-all, its not such a bad life Kero... but I'm glad you are home with your peeps and on the mend!

Toriz said...

True! There are times I wouldn't mind swapping with him, actually! ;)