Sunday, March 14, 2010

To the Mothers of Children Who Never Were Children

Today is Mothering Sunday here in the UK. And so I decided that I would share this poem I came across online. Actually, I found it while browsing for something Mothers' Day related to post today.


To the Mothers of Children Who Never Were Children
Nicholas Gordon

To the mothers of children who never were children,
Who died in the womb unnamed and unknown:
You also were mothers, albeit but briefly,
And loved with the love given mothers alone.

Yours was the stirring of life within life,
The being of being all one being knew,
The love of a love that knew only your love,
The world to a world that knew no world but you.

Yours the unspeakable pleasure of giving
Your substance to nurture the creature within;
Yours the inscrutable song of creation,
Bringing to being the dust of the wind.

Death is the end, but never the meaning;
Life is a gift, no matter how long.
You, too, are mothers, the bearers of beauty,
The icons of love to whom this day belongs.

(above taken from this site).

Happy Mothers' day to every Mother, Mum, Mom, Mam, Mummy, Mommy, Mammy, Mami, or Mama out there. Whether your children are grown, or are still children, or never were children.



Celticspirit said...

Beautiful poem! I don't believe that death is the end though but more of a transition. Mother Day is a neat idea.

Wendyburd1 said...

This gave me the chills. I was always taught the babies that die in the womb or soon after birth, it is because they are so pure and wonderful God can't bear to be without them any longer. I like thinking of it in that kind of way. They are so precious to God, he brings them home before they ever have to face a life filled with disappointments and sadness.

AliceKay said...

Beautiful poem.

Toriz said...

That's a beautiful way to look at it.

Intense Guy said...