Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The wanderer returns

I've just spent basically the entire day catching up on blog posts. Well, it serves me right for getting that far behind. Yes, I've had stuff going on, but I still could have tried to keep up to date on posts and comments. But I didn't. I'm caught up now though... I think!

I've commented on some older posts on the blogs I follow, and replied to comments (and deleted spam ones) on my blog too. So anyone who bothers to do so may want to take a look at those.

As I've mentioned in passing, I've had a bit of a "too many pies, not enough fingers" thing going on. Some of it has been my own doing, since there are several things I want to be doing, and I just don't have enough hours in my day to do everything I'd like to fit in to it.

For starters, there has been the roleplaying. The actual sessions haven't been the time consuming part, since some of them have been cancelled due to lack of transport or illness. But I had my first session as DM on Saturday, since the usual GM (Julian) wasn't well, so I had to prepare an adventure. Plus, I'm trying to learn the rules for a system I haven't played before, because I intend being GM for a whole campaign based on that system. It's a system I think some of you would enjoy, actually. Think normal people being drawn in to unusual things that are often connected with the occult. In other words, investigators who are asked to investigate something that seems perfectly ordinary, only to find it isn't, and find themselves confronted with vampires, ghosts, etc. Anyway, learning the rules takes some time, so that's where a chunk of my time has been going.

Not to mention the fact I seem to be in charge of the write-ups for each campaign. I don't mind though. I actually offered to do them, because I enjoy writing and don't feel I do enough of it. It also means I know exactly what's been going on for the monthly club update at the end of each month.

Plus, there's all of the audiobooks I've been listening to while "trying" to get caught up on various craft projects, and before bed. I wont mention those in this post though, because I plan on doing seporate proper review posts for those soon. Just bear with me!

Also, we've been doing a bit of work around the house. It's not going as quickly as we'd like it to though. Part of that is due to the fact that a lot of our money had to go on getting Mam and Dad's cars up to scratch so they could pass their MOTs. Another part of the reason is due to the fact that only Kelly, Dad, and Wayne can do a lot of the work, but Kelly hurt his back, and Dad hurt his wrist, so they've not been able to get much done at one go since then. Kelly's back is now fine though, and Dad's wrist is improving, though not great.

Luckily though they did finish shoveling the sand on to the garden before the rain came. Not that it rained for all that long, but they wanted it done while it was still dry, so that when it did rain the rain would help to get it to do whatever it is it's supposed to do to the garden. I'm not 100% clear on it, but it's something about helping the garden to not be such a marshland when it rains, while at the same time building it up a bit so that it's not such a big step down from the patio to the garden. There's shredded paper on it for the same sort of reason. I'm explaining about the sand and paper for anyone wondering after seeing it in some of the photos posted in Kero's recent posts.

We've also started decluttering a bit inside. I'm afraid the place is a bit of a mess at the moment - evidence of that is in some of the recent doggy photos - but in a strange way you have to make a mess to tidy up. Especially since we also plan on doing some redecorating.

We have the patio furniture back out again now too, so that means it's easy to sit out there on nice days, listening to the birds. I'm sure it's no surprise to you that I'm pleased about that. :)

Let's see, what else...

Well, I've been to town with Mam a few times, and to Asda with her too. Not all that exciting, but rather time consuming sometimes. I hate shopping! Don't get me wrong, we've had some nice outings. But I still hate shopping, and nothing - not even a nice day out - is going to change that any time soon. Mam, on the other hand, quite enjoys shopping.

A Pokemon obsession has started back up in this place, and everyone's happily playing Pokemon on their gameboys. I'm actually feeling a bit left out. I tried to find a text based version online so I could play too. So far no luck. I've found online versions, but not that will work with Jaws... They're all too graphic based. Ah well, I still have several other things I'm trying to fit in to my day anyway, so I probably don't really have time for more.

I got to enjoy Mothers' day too this year. Nan and Kelly arranged between them for a card and small box of chocolates to be brought for me "from Kero" this year. Apparently they didn't want me feeling left out, as the only female in the house who wouldn't have had anything otherwise.

Anyway, that's basically a condensed version of what's been keeping me busy lately. Well, other than walks with the dogs, and Kero's vet trips, obviously. I can't be bothered with the longer version. Besides, if I filled in every detail of every day I've not been about properly then it would take you absolutely ages, and AGES to read it! ;)

So, I think I'll let this do for now, and post anything I missed out and want to post about another time. Look out for those book reviews too, because they'll be coming very soon!

Hope your weather is as nice as ours is at this moment.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, and stay safe! :)



MarmiteToasty said...

((((ToriZ)))) I to have been trying to catch up on maties blobs.... Ive been such a crap blobber and emailer of late..... but hopefully Im back on track now....

my you have been busy and YES you are an amazing writter so I think the more you can do the better for everyone :)

How nice you got a little gift on mothers day from Kero LOL you daft cow lmfao

love you girl......


Intense Guy said...

I'm glad you are feeling better and that Kero and Kelly are on the mend. Hope your Dad's wrist heals up quickly.

:) You sound so busy!!

Wendyburd1 said...

I agree, there is NO way to clean up anything, without making a mess first! Even just to do a thorough dusting you have to take all the stuff down to dust it just do you can dust the surface...which is why I tend to put off dusting WAY too often!

Toriz said...

Thanks. And, I know I'm a daft sod, but there you go. ;)

Yep, busy, busy, busy. It's better than being bored though, right?

Don't blame you there.

AliceKay said...

There are lots of things that keep us busy and away from our computers...which is a good thing. It's called life. I'm glad your life is full of fun and excitement some of that time. :)

Toriz said...

Thanks AK. :)

LadyStyx said...

Been that way here too... too many fingers in too many pies! Had company for 10 days so I think I may have broken the Facebook addiction for now so all I have to do is catch up on everyone else and get some entries done. Well that and process 100's of pix (as well as a goodly handful of videos) to get loaded to Flickr and freshen the page decor (done) and re-organize the house.... and and and... LOL

Toriz said...

LOL Styxie!