Thursday, November 17, 2011

Furkid thoughts: Kero's Monday adventures

Hi humans, it's Kero here.

Well, I want to tell you about my eventful day on Monday, but first I have a photo to show you that was taken last week or something; the humans were taking photos of things Mami had been making, and I did my, "hye, look at me... Over here... Cute puppy who wants to be included," act. It worked like a charm, and they took this photo:

So... Monday...

I didn't know what was going on really. The humans said about that doggy daycare place, but I didn't know what it was all about. Anyway, we had an early walkies, then a ride in a taxi, and we went to a place with dogs already there. Mami talked to the human there for a bit, then my humans left me there. Can you believe it? They left me in a place I didn't know! The cheek of it!

As it turned out though it was a nice place; I got to know her dogs - a German Shepherd, a Black Labrador, a Collie, and another large dog, none of whom I can remember the names of - and got groomed. Don't I look super adorable?

Mami had her use something called "evening primrose oil" on me to be on the safe side, if I understand it right then it's because of how Westies can sometimes have skin issues. I don't have any, but Mami and the doggy daycare human agreed it was better safe than sorry. Anyway, it's made my fur so soft and fluffy that Mami can't stop petting me. Not that I mind the extra attention, of course!

We rode in another of those taxi things to go home, and we were almost home when Mami - while petting me - noticed that my collar wasn't on me. The doggy daycare human must have noticed about the same time, because she called Mami and said about it. She was meant to bring it to us that evening, but she couldn't remember where we live, so we went to the park on Tuesday to meet her, which meant I had to wait until then to get it back. I hate not having my collar on, so I was very pleased when we got it back and Mami put it back around my neck! But, back to Monday...

I needed a nap after my busy morning getting groomed and being in doggy daycare....

Then, after nap time, another new experience for me; I went out to dinner.

I've never been inside those food places before, so I wouldn't go in at first, but Mami said, "it's OK, go in," so I did, and nobody got mad at me, so I carried on inside. I did try and sit up on a chair, but the humans said I wasn't to do that, so instead I stayed by Mami's feet (well, mostly). I didn't eat though; I rarely do when a lot of people are around, and a lot is going on. And, believe me, a lot was happening.

I made friends with a large Husky (at least, I think she was a Husky, she might have been a Husky mix, or even something else that looked sort of like a Husky) dog named "Echo" who was at the next table with her humans, and a couple of little human pups kept trying to make friends with me (I mostly just ignored them though). Plus there were a couple of other full grown humans in there who were admiring me.

Mami says we'll probably go back there. I wouldn't mind doing that; the humans in there are nice and think I'm adorable, and I love it when people adore me!

Anyway, after that we went home, and all slept... I needed a good sleep after my day. The nap I'd had on the sofa between doggy daycare and dinner out just wasn't enough!

That day was almost as exhausting as the trip on the trains when we moved here!

OK, I need to go for a nap so I'm refreshed and ready to go walkies later. Bye for now.

Licks and sniffs,


Diandra said...

Soudns as if you had an exciting day! And yes, you look adorable!

Rita said...

Such adventures I could not even imagine in my wildest dreams. Dogs like very different things than cats. I am happy to stay home with my human and read about your trips outside.
Love, Karma

Intense Guy said...

Wow Kero - you've met a lot of dogs that day! And you were soft and smelling good too - I betcha the lady doggies are all a buzz about the new handsome stranger in town...

AliceKay said...

Sounds like a full and exciting day, Keri. Loved the pictures. Thanks for sharing them. :)

AliceKay said...

Kero...sorry, don't know where that "i" came from up there. Fingers must have slipped. :\

That corgi :) said...

Sounds like a great day you had Kero! I like how you made some new friends at doggy day care and that you were well behaved at dinner! I'm sure that made your Mami very proud of you!! I too do imagine you slept very well that night!

thanks for sharing your special day with us!


Deanna said...

You seem to have taken to all of these new and exciting things. I'll bet you are looking fit and trim with all of these walkies you are going on.

Lick and sniff.

Toriz said...

Kero said....


You do that; mind you, the way I hear it you have plenty of fun without even leaving home. I like outside though, personally!

Yeah, and why wouldn't they have been? Even without the nice evening primrose stuff everyone we meet adores me, after all!

Thank you; I'm glad you liked the pictuures.

I'll let you off about the wrong letter, since I like you so much and you said you like my pictures!

I'm glad you enjoyed reading about my day; yes, Mami did seem to be really proud of me. She kept saying I was a "good dog" all the time (which I love hearing).

Yes, I'm loving all my adventures; I do get a bit stressed out when we have to walk along the busy road for more than a few minutes, but other than that I'm dealing with things really well. Mami keeps saying I'm a "good dog" and seems pleased with me about it. I heard her telling Dadi the other day that she was a bit surprised though; I never used to be this brave, you see, so she's a bit surprised at how eager I am to explore the new places and meet new friends. But, after all, I am just about to hit that 7 and a half mark; maybe it's just where I've grown up so much?

Licks and sniffs,