Monday, November 07, 2011

Pandas, fireworks, etc (FD)

I'm still not feeling too great, but I have a few things I want to post, so here I am; I will visit other blogs later.


There's a school near us that teaches Kung Fu, and in their window Kelly spotted this:

It's the panda from the movie Kung Fu Panda, LOL!


We've tried out all kinds of recipes lately. In an attempt to make as much as possible ourselves, we even made our own tomato sauce to make a lasagne for Kelly and a vegetarian lasagne for me. And made our own cheese sauce to make macaroni and cheese.

Also, I finally got around to trying something with tofu. I made a sweet and sour tofu - which I served with a baked potato rather than the noodles or rice it suggests, because I prefer potatoes really - and was pretty impressed with how it turned out. I'm glad I tasted tofu at last, because it's actually really nice.


There have been fireworks here all weekend because of it being bonfire night on Saturday, and we managed to get a couple of photos of fireworks. Sorry about the street lamp in a couple of them; those things are everywhere in towns, so it can't be helped. Iggy seemed to like the effect on the ones with the street lamp though, so that's why I'm posting them... I trust his judgement when it comes to photos. So...


I have a load of other photos I haven't gotten around to posting yet, so I'm hoping to get those posted throughout this week, if you're interested.

Speaking of photos though...

Kelly posted the photos of his Samhain altar yesterday, if you want to go and take a look.


During the moments when I've had the energy to do so I've been working on holiday cards, and a couple of birthday cards for people who have birthdays between now and the holidays who I send cards to for their birthdays. I'm just about done now... Speedy card creation is a benifit of using 3D stickers and foam shapes to make cards.

OK, so it's not as personal and nice as the cards some people make, but I still made them myself, and - quite frankly - with how I'm feeling at the moment I don't think I could do much more than stick foam shapes and stickers on things anyway.


OK, I need to rest for a bit, so I'll let this do for now.


Diandra said...

Tofu is yuck! Give me dead animal anytime. *lol*

This year, I hope to have some christmas cards printed with a picture of our cats (taken by the BF) and a sentence or drabble by me. That's the kind of "homemade" card we're going for. Some years I will make them myself, with paper coming in all colors and pretty stickers, other years I am lazy and just buy them. This will be new.

AliceKay said...

I hope you get to feeling back to your ole self real soon. It's hard to function properly when you don't feel well.

That Panda in the Kung Fu studio looks cool standing there. LOL I'm glad Kelly was able to get some shots of it.

Cool fireworks shots. I know you love fireworks. :)

Anytime a person receives a handmade card, it's a treat, no matter how fancy it is or how simple it is. It's not about content of what you can stick to it; it's about sentiment.

Feel better soon! *hugs*

Parsley said...

Too bad you still feel poorly. :-( Looks like fun with the fireworks though. We love them!

Rita said...

The panda kicking is so funny in the window! The fireworks are cool! And the glow around the lamp post was Neat, Iggy.

You are still making cards and doing a lot of cooking, even though you're not feeling well. I commend you!

Sorry you're still feeling under the weather. Hope you're better soon! :)

Deanna said...

Nice firework shots. That Panda is a cute idea for promoting their business.

Dang girl, it is time for you to get feeling better! Good wishes are being sent your way daily. Hope they help.


Toriz said...

To each their own!

That's still homemade; pet photos! :)

By the way, I like your blogs, but can't comment due to word verification.

*Nods* Sure is; and thanks!

He had to go back to get shots because the orriginal shot was really dark; he'd figured it would be though since he took it on his way home from doing those Hastings Day photos. He knew I liked the panda though, and figured I'd like a photo or two to post of it. :)

Yes; love fireworks! :)

Thanks; I'm usually sick on and off from about now until some time in January. I just hope I don't get as bad as I did last year!

I love fireworks too; fell asleep listening to them the other day.

Glad you enjoyed the photos. :)

*Shrugs* Well, things still need to be done, and being unwell doesn't change that, so I get things done (and sleep the rest of the time, LOL!)

Thanks; I hope I can get to feeling better soon too... I'll be sick on and off now through Winter though. I always am!

Magaly Guerrero said...

I can't do Tofu, or diet stuff... I'm just weird like that.

The Kung Fu Panda made me roar. They even capture the expression.

Iggy was right, the lamp makes the fireworks look like they are bursting over a huge fire. Oh, and give our recovering boy some healing hugs for me ;-)

That corgi :) said...

That panda was cute; so much like the movie one indeed! Sorry you are still under the weather! I did enjoy the firework pictures though!! Hoping tomorrow is a better day!


Toriz said...

I've been a vegetarian completely for close to 2 years now (though I've been one on and off since I was 6) and it's taken me this long to get up the courage to try tofu. I'd heard it was disgusting, but - in the interests of reservation of judgement, and because I said I was going to try new foods - I tried some, and it turned out to be quite tasty. I don't do "diet" stuff though, and I'm not having the tofu because it's healthier, I'm having it purely because it's one of the main meat substitutes so I figured I should taste it, and I liked it. If I hadn't liked it you can bet I'd never have it again, LOL!

Glad you enjoyed the photos. :)

Hugs passed on.

Thanks, and I'm glad you enjoyed the photos! :)

Intense Guy said...

I agree with Alice Kay - the charm in homemade cards is the sentiment, the uniqueness and the thoughtful personal touch - you simply can't get that in a massed produced store bought card.

I get a "kick" out of that panda LOL - It must really catch a lot of the eye of a lot passer-bys.

Hmm.. well - if think tofu is tasty- I'll give it a try - its been a long time since I tasted it and it wasn't prepared all that carefully. Who knows, maybe like that Mikey kid in the Life cereal ads... I'll like it! I'll like it!

Feel better soonest... hugs.

Toriz said...

*Nods in agreement both about the cards and the panda*

Yes, you should try it; they say you can make it just about any way you like... In sweet recipes, in savory recipes, and even using it without cooking it.

*Hugs back*