Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Furkid thoughts: teddies and things

Hi humans, this is Kero.

Well, all our stuff is here, and we've been in this "new home" place for lots of sleeps now; Mami says it's been a whole month! You should see where we've been! There's this park place with so many flowers and trees to smell and pee on that I don't know where to sniff and pee first! And then there's the "seaside" place where the water chases you and the birds are bigger than me! And there are even places where dogs are allowed inside; the hotel down the road from us says they allow dogs (not in the resteraunt, but in the hotel itself) and there's a shop that's just for dogs, can you believe that? Actually, I think Mami told you most of this, but I wanted to let you know how excited I am living in this "new home" place.

Actually, the main reason for me doing this post is to share some new photos of me that were taken recently, which I'm sure you're all desperate to see, right?

Thought so! OK, here they are:

This is me playing with Mami's big bear, Bruno. Well, she says it's hers, but I don't see how anything that fun could be here for anyone but me, so it must be mine!

And here I am with a teddy the humans actually admit is mine; it's a dog that Mamgu gave me. Mami says it was a "moving present" or something like that, but I don't particularly care why she gave it to me, it's mine, and that's all I care about!

Remember the new bandanna I got recently? Well, it's reversable, so I thought you might like to see the other side. Here I am wearing it and posing with Bruno on our sofa:

"Can someone open the gate so I can go up the steps for more walkies?"

Mami has a load of photos coming soon, and I'm in a couple of them, so look out for those. I have to go now though, the humans are starting to do stuff with food out in the kitchen, and I need to make sure I get my share!

Licks and sniffs,


Furry Bottoms said...

Hi Kero! You sure look happy in your new home with your new Teddies!! I hope you get to go on even more walkies now!

Intense Guy said...

Hi Kero!!

One word of advise - stay hydrated and drink lots of water!! You got a lot of peein' to do. LOL!

Your Teddys look really cool - and so does your bandana! I hope you got a nice walkie today!! (and remember to drink lots of water!)

And be careful around those bigger than you birds!!! You remember that parrot that attacked you? You wouldn't want that to happen again would ya?

p.s., did you find anything good in the kitchen?

Ear waggles and belly rubs,


Diandra said...

Kero, you're a cutie! You could come live with us, and play with the cats!

Celticspirit said...

Glad to hear that you made the move smoothly Kero and you sure do seem to like your new home. That is one big bear that you are playing with and how dare Mami think that it's hers. Jeeze, grownups are silly sometimes. Toodles!

AliceKay said...

I'm glad you like the new home and all of the new places you can explore. That is one big teddy bear you're wrestling with.

Nice bandana. Cute pose showing it off, too.

Enjoy the walkies, wherever they may take you. :)

P.S. I hope you got your fair share of that food!

Mina said...

Oh Kero, you are such a precious little love! Thank you for sharing your new experiences. XOXO

Rita said...

You live a bold and adventuresome life. Stores, hotels, parks, beaches, birds bigger than you!! I'd be at home with the toys and the food. Glad you like your new home.
Love, Karma

That corgi :) said...

You have a very charmed life, Kero!! I like your new place where you live, looks like a lot of great places to go exploring for adventures!


Toriz said...

Kero said...

Oh yeah... Loads of walkies! Although, because Mami's not been too well it's mostly just Dadi taking me. There's so much new stuff to smell though that I don't even mind; I always used to object to going out with Dadi, but this new place is so interesting I just don't care who takes me as long as I get to go!

I'm drinking really well. Mami said if I wasn't "marking" so many things she'd be worried about the amount I'm drinking.

Dadi makes sure I get good walkies when Mami isn't feeling well.

Don't worry, I'm staying away from those birds. I did consider chasing them - and had a good attempt at chasing some other, much smaller, birds the other day... Was on the lead though and couldn't get to them - but those bigger than me birds are just too much for me to handle by myself!

I usually find something nice in the kitchen, especially if Dadi makes food... Dadi usually has meat and is good at sharing. I don't like most of what Mami has though. Although, I decided - after she dropped a bit by accident and I grabbed it - that I like bread when she makes it. Has to be buttered though; I'm a posh doggy!

That would be fun; I love playing with cats. My best friend when I was a puppy was a black cat named Sakura.

Thanks; yes, humans are silly sometimes!


I'm pretty good at getting my share; I have my humans well trained!

Thank you, and you're welcome!

I don't blame you; sometimes the world can be a really scary place! There are so many things to watch and smell - not to mention pee on - though that I can't resist going out there!

Yes, lots of places to go; and Mami and Dadi says we've hardly been to any yet! They're trying to get me braver with roads, and when I am they say we'll go in to town proper, and "maybe" they'll take me on the train to places like Hastings and Brighton and London!

Licks and sniffs,