Saturday, March 01, 2008

Pethai sy'n digwydd

I didn't want to be predictable and say, "Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus," which is Welsh for "Happy St. David's Day," but I thought that since today is St. David's Day here in Wales the title should be something Welsh. So, that's why today's title is "pethai sy'n digwydd," which is Welsh for "things that are happening." I thought it would be a good idea since this is basically a short (short by my standards at least, lol) update post.

We've got about half the painting done. Hoping to finish it today (Saturday).

Someone's coming to measure for carpets and give us a quote for how much it'll cost on Thursday. It's the same guy who we got to do the carpets here, so we know he's good (not to mention good value for money).

Official moving day is Friday (March 7th) but the movers are only doing the stuff Mam and Dad's cars can't do, because the more they have to do, the more it'll cost us, so we save money by taking all the little bits in the cars. We've already started taking stuff over there, but still have a lot of stuff to finish packing and moving.

Thought I'd have to cancel Kero's grooming appointment because of arranging someone to get him there, but his groomer is still willing to pick him up. Turns out where we're moving to she still pretty much passes us on her way to work.

Tomorrow (Sunday March 2nd 2008) is Mothers' Day here in the UK, so since I doubt I'll get on here tomorrow... "Happy Mothers' Day to all the Mothers out there." :)

OK, better get back to packing, not to mention start thinking about getting dressed, etc.

Have a great weekend :)



Jayde_Bramblerose said...

sounds like your very-very happy with your new home.

glad to hear you didnt have to cancel kero's groomer, and good news that she is still going to pick him up.

LadyStyx said...

I am so glad you're getting things sorted and you'll be moving soon.

MarmiteToasty said...

HAPPY ST DAVIDS DAY to you dear blob friend.......


Kati said...

YEAH!!! glad to hear that you got the flat, and that it just needs some paint & rugs. I hope it all goes very well and that you thoroughly enjoy your new place. Kinda wondering, though (maybe you said & I just didn't see) how close/far it is from your mom's place??? I know that you & your Mom are at each others places constantly, now, and wonder how this new place is situated for that. All the best in your new home, Tori!!!

MarmiteToasty said...

Would you trust me with your address I would like to send you a little something seeing as ya gonna have a place of ya own :)

what? a 12 foot St Georges Cross flag ;) LMFAO....

Seriously though..... but if ya cant then that to is ok :)


Liz said...

I was glad to hear you are moving at last, and it must be a very busy time for you. I hope all goes well and that you are settled in soon and all straight,all my best wishes and good luck in your new home.

Tori_z said...

Thanks all.

It's a bit further from my parents' place than I'm used to being, but still close enough so we can get to visit each other quite easily. The bus that goes from my Mam's place to town stops pretty much right outside her door, and the bus stop in town it turminates at is an easy walk to my new place (I don't do much walking, but did it easily the other day... Didn't even get a chance to moan I was tired before the walk was over, lol) Plus, my Dad has a car, and Mam's hoping to be passing her test in a couple of months, so that'll make it even easier.

Yeah, I think I can trust you... LOL! Will need your e-mail address ASAP to send it though, 'cause as from tomorrow night (Thursday night) I don't have phone and internet access for a couple of weeks. So, if I don't have the e-mail in time to send the address by tomorrow before the PCs get pulled to bits then it'll be at least March 26th before I can give it to you.

MarmiteToasty said...



Tori_z said...

Ta... E-mail's sent :)