Monday, March 24, 2008

The post about the move

I was going to leave this until later, but I can't sleep. So, I figured that if I'm going to be up, I might as well do something other than sitting in front of the TV, watching stuff I don't really like anyway. LOL!


I did consider doing this as a couple of shorter posts, but everything sort of flows in to each other, which means that - strange as it may sound - it will actually be shorter if I put it all together than it would have been if I was to deal with things a couple of days at a time. Hope that made sense to you. Not that it matters, because I'm doing it all in one post either way. Well, the bulk of it anyway. I just wanted to warn you that this is going to be one of my famous LONG posts. LOL!

OK then...

It ended up taking longer than we'd hoped to get the painting done, so my Mam and Dad had to come to the new place and finish the painting on Monday evening (March 3rd). Still, it was all finished before we started to really get started on moving stuff in, and that's the main thing.

We had to wait for an audio version of the tenancy agreement for me before we could actually sign it. We were "meant to" sign the tenancy agreement on the Wednesday (March 5th) but the audio version hadn't turned up. Turned out we ended up not signing the tenancy until the following Tuesday (March 11th). Luckily they said we could go ahead and move everything in, because we'd already booked the removal van for Friday March 7th.

The removal men turned out to be fantastic. They moved more than they had been paid to do, and even helped out with getting a couple of things we were giving my parents' up to their place. We were very pleased with them, and they were really nice, friendly guys too.

I'd had a headache since the last Sunday in February. I first thought it was to do with that cold I had, then I assumed it was stress. I took a couple of pain killers a couple of days after it started, but only took them for a couple of days because I don't like to take pills if I can help it. When it didn't go away though, I was forced to start taking something again. By the time I'd had the headache for a little over a week, I'd gone through 2 packs of Calpol and a good half a packet of Paracetamol, but neither had touched the pain (despite the fact I was taking enough to knock me out). By the Wednesday (March 5th) I was begging my Mam to give me something stronger, and by the Thursday I was crying with the pain. At that point my Mam decided she'd had enough, and she called the doctor and demanded they see me that day. Turned out I had an inner-ear infection. So, I spent moving day and the week following it on antibiotic pills and strong pain-killers. Just what you want when you're trying to get moved, eh? LOL! I think the ear infection has cleared up now though.

I spent the Monday before we moved (March 3rd) on the phone to various companies to get our address changed with them. I also had to get a new phone line and an internet connection sorted out. I thought that was it all sorted, but it turned out I was wrong. Most of it was sorted, but the internet... I was ready to strangle someone about that. Not on the Monday. No. On the Monday I thought it was all sorted. They said our phone would be on some time on March 17th (couldn't be done before because another company owned the line and they had to get it off them, or something like that) and someone was meant to call us within 48 hours of our phone being set up. Sure enough, our phone was working Monday morning, but by Thursday we still hadn't had a call about the internet. So, I called them. To cut a long story short, I got passed from person to person, just to find that the internet had been cancelled at the old address, but nobody had activated it at the new address, because "apparently" the order hadn't been placed for it. So, I had to place an order, and was NOT impressed when I was told it will "probably take until Friday March 28th, because it takes up to five working days, and there is the Easter bank holiday to consider." Needless to say, Kelly and I were VERY pleased when we found out it was working this afternoon.

We had someone come the day before we moved in here to measure for carpets, because we thought it would be easier for it to be done before all the furniture was in the way. We're not entirely sure when we're having the carpets fitted though. The guy has them, but he's waiting for us to have the money for them, which is going to take a couple of weeks. In the meantime, we're only unpacking the things we "need" unpacked so the stuff will be easier to move for the carpets to be done.

We haven't got a cooker at the moment. Well, that's not strictly true. We've got one, but it's not plumbed in yet because I haven't had a chance to get someone out to do it. That means we've been living on microwave meals since we moved in, which neither of us are all that happy about, but it's that or we live on toast and cereal until next week when someone should be coming to plumb in the cooker. Microwave meals aren't as tasty as home-cooked meals though. Not to mention the fact they're not as friendly on the bank balance. And, if you really want to get in to it, all the extra packaging you end up with isn't good for the planet. You can look at it any way you like, either way, I for one can't wait for the cooker to be up and running. And, I'm pretty sure Kelly feels the same way.

Kero's been an angel through all of this!

I think that'll do for now. Will post anything else I want to share later.



KAYLEE said...

weLl i am glad you guys are happy now:)

LadyStyx said...

Yay! We're almost done here too. Still got carpets to clean and and a few more boxes to unpack. I would have loved to have cleaned the carpets BEFORE the furniture got placed in but the cleaner was on the truck with the furniture. Nexttime Im gonna be smart and take the bugger with us.

Tori_z said...

Thanks Kaylee.

Yeah, that would have been the best idea. LOL!

I'd have liked the carpets in before the furniture too, but all we managed to get done was the measuring for them. That's the problem with the fact the places over here come without carpets. Oh, well, the kitchen and bathroom are looking really nice, LOL!

Kati said...

Yeah!!! Glad to hear that you're in your new place, though I'm sorry to hear about all the flub-ups you had to deal with in getting into the place. I hope you can get your stove & oven plugged in sooner than you're expecting, so you can stop eatting microwave dinners.

Glad to have you back, Tori!

Tori_z said...

Thanks Kati.

AliceKay said...

I sure do hope you're feeling better now. Wow, sounds like you had a very bad ear infection. So glad you're moved in. Everything will be in place soon, and then it will feel like "home".

Tori_z said...

Yeah, I'm OK now, thanks :)

Yes, it shouldn't be too long before we can get everything sorted out properly. Then, as you said, it'll start to feel more like home.