Friday, September 11, 2009

Kero's korner: red collar

Hi humans! It's Kero here!

Just before my Mami went away to a place she calls "Grandad's" with Mamgu, she got me the red collar and lead to match the red harness Dadi fetched for me after my blue one broke. I would have posted about them sooner, but I had other photos I wanted to post first. Anyway, here are a couple of photos of me in my new collar. Dadi and Mamgu say it looks good on me... What do you think?

A close-up...

There aren't any photos of me using my new lead or anything though, because it's been too wet for Mami to risk taking the camera out for walkies with us. I'm sure there will be photos of me while out on walkies in the not too distant future though. After all, Mami rarely waits long before pulling out the camera!

Licks and sniffs,


LadyStyx said...

With that beautiful white fur, any color collar would look wonderful on you!

MarmiteToasty said...

Its spiffing :)


Intense Guy said...

I guess for a dog having a nice collar is like us humans having nice underwear.

Your collar looks snazzy Kero! Just like you do!

Celticspirit said...

You look fantastic in red! I have a question for You. Are the names Mamgu and Mami terms from your country? I've never heard them before. Or perhaps it's your *pet* name for them?

Deanna said...

Red is definitely your color!

Anonymous said...

awe! what a cute colar!

AliceKay said...

Red looks quite handsome on you.

Tori_z said...

Thanks all! Glad you like my new collar!

"Mami" is the Welsh form of "Mommy" and "Mamgu" is the Welsh form of "Grandma" that's why I use those words for them. "Daddy" in Welsh is "Dadi" and "Grandad" is "Dadci" which is why I also use those. Not everyone does use "Mamgu" and "Dadci" for their grandparents here... Most use "Nan" and "Grandad" instead. But since Mami's Nan is around and we see her regularly it was decided that I should use "Mamgu" for Mami's Mami, and since I was doing that, should use "Dadci" for Mami's Dadi. Mami leaves the "i" off the end of Mami when she talks about her Mami, because "Mam" is what they use here for "Mom"... Well, most people do. Some tend to use the English "Mum" instead. But Mami likes to use "Mam" or - if she wants something, or is feeling like she really needs her Mami - then she'll use "Mami".

Licks and sniffs,