Thursday, September 03, 2009

Meme from Wifey's blog (FD)

Got this from Wifey's blog about a week ago, and thought I'd do it today.


1. Why are you here right now, at my site? Don't be cute, tell the truth.

My blog list thing on my links page said there was a new post, so I came over to check it out.

2. What is something you left undone today? Why did you leave it and what is the consequence?

Well, I didn't put away the laundry I washed yesterday even though I should have. Only consiquence is that I have to do it later. I've done everything else I was meant to so far today. :)

3. If you saw a child about to lick a cut lemon, what would you do? Again, don't be cute.

Watch, then laugh at the faces the child pulls. Isn't that what most people would do? It's what we all did the first time Shireen (Mam's Goddaughter) tried things like that.

4. Willie Nelson-Backwoods Redneck or God Among Men?

I don't know. Does it really matter?

5. If I asked your Momma "what is the greatest thing you taught your child"? What would she say?

She'd probably say something like: "I taught my children to show respect, and that when I say no it's for a good reason." Though she did teach me a lot of other things too. Things like "it's inner beauty that matters," and that a lie can get you in more trouble than it's worth, so it's better to avoid telling them in the first place.

6. Recently you saw something fabulous. What was it?

The last thing I actually "saw" was the sunrise the morning of my op last year (it was too bright in the hospital to see anything else). That sunrise was pretty fabulous, and I'm glad I made sure to get up to watch it.

7. Have you ever 'almost died', how?

Where do I start? Let's see: I was born in the bag, and was bright blue, and they didn't know if I'd make it. I drank a bottle of bleach when I was 2 (which Mam still can't understand how I got hold of) and the doctors weren't sure what would happen with that... That could have killed me. I've almost died during a few of my ops. Plus, I nearly drowned when I was about 11. Oh, and about four years ago I had a combination asthma and panic attack that resulted in me being rushed to hospital in an ambulence while being given oxygen. I think that's all of them. That's all the ones I remember anyway. A few too many, I think. ;)

8. Halloween or 4th of July?

Halloween... Especially since we don't have 4th of July here. And since our firework night is so close to Halloween we often get the fireworks going on by Halloween anyway.

9. Everyone has something memorized. What do you have memorized? Your PIN is not an acceptable answer.

I've got a lot of things memorized. Can you be more spacific? Pick a topic, maybe?

10. If you had to be homeless in a US city for a year, which city would you choose and why?

Personally, I'm not a fan of cities. But, if I had to be homeless in a city then I'd ask if it can be one over here instead. If I could, I'd pick Swansea, because at least I know it (sort of) and I know there are events going on there often enough that I could manage to get enough food to live on without any law breaking issues. If I couldn't, then I'd have a hard job choosing, because I have no idea what half the states in the US are called, let alone what their cities are called. And since I don't know what most of the cities are called, I don't feel I could make a fair choice.


If you want to do this too... Go for it! If not... Well, that's up to you! :)



Intense Guy said...

I know one city in the USA where you wouldn't be homeless for any longer than it took me to come and pick you up. :)

Nice answers!

Tori_z said...

Thanks Iggy. Will bear that in mind if I'm forced to pick a US city to be homeless in. :)