Friday, September 17, 2010

Kero's korner: the human cub visits

Hi there humans, it's Kero here.

Well, guess what?

That little human came to visit again. She stayed longer this time though, and Mamgu and Dadci went away. I thought that was strange, because usually I only see her with Mamgu and Dadci around. She's at their house sometimes when I go up there to see Willow on a Sunday, for example. But this time it was just her on her own with Dadi, Mami, and - of course - me.

Mami took all her pelt off to put fresh stuff on her... Something I always find strange - then put her in one of those chairs with wheels that big humans put little humans in, and we went walkies together. It was fun. Someone tried to go near the little human cub's wheeled chair though, and I wasn't having that. Mami had said we were looking after her, so I was going to make sure she stayed safe. I yelled at the male adult human and told him to, "go away!" He listened, and the human cub was safe! I did a good job!

When we got back she got left in the wheeled chair, so I had to keep going over to sniff at it to see that she was OK. Then she started howling, so I ran to get Mami and pawed at her leg until she got up to fetch the human cub (which didn't take long... Mami is good at rescuing howling cubs). Then I supervised human cub play time, which was tiring work!

Then I shared a howling session with the cub. I'm not sure why she was howling, but I was howling because she was. In my defence, she did copy me with howling when I was doing it out of excitement when my lead got pulled out of the cupboard for walkies earlier in the day.

After that the human cub got given some food. I thought it smelled really good, so I tried to share it. Mami was mean though, and wouldn't let me. So I figured the only way I would get some was to clean the human cub up (she was messy, and covered in the stuff). Mami didn't want me to do that either though. I don't get why, since Mami then cleaned the pup herself. Perhaps humans don't like to share the job of cleaning up their cubs?

The human cub got given some kind of biscuit after that, and after eating half of it she dropped it on the floor. I thought that was great, because if food goes on the floor I can have it. How was I to know it wasn't going to taste nice? I spat it back out and left it there for Mami to pick up. Trust me, the food being fed to her by Mami was much tastier than that biscuit thing (Mami said it was called a "Farley's rusk" but I don't know if that means anything to any of you). Mami said I didn't know a good thing when I tasted it... Apparently she still loves those things even now. I can't think why, personally!


After that was more play time, and then a nap. I was glad of the nap... Watching human cubs is tiring work! I was a little confused about the human cub howling before her nap though. I understand howling after it... I'd howl too if I woke up to find myself strapped in to a chair with wheels... But why howl before sleeping? Why not just curl up and sleep? It works for me, and has done all my life! Human cubs are stranger than adult humans!

I took advantage of the cub napping to nap myself. But then I heard people outside, and couldn't resist barking. Mami got mad, because I barked in the hallway beside the wheeled chair, and it made the human cub wake up and start howling. Mami soon stopped her howling though, and was just giving her one of those bottle things when Mamgu showed up.

Mami, Mamgu, the human cub and I went for walkies, then Mamgu took the human cub home. Soon after that Dadi went out for the evening, so I slept beside Mami while she watched TV and worked on some of those craft things she does... Knitting in this case, I think it was.

It was a tiring day!

Licks and sniffs,


AliceKay said...

It sounds like a tiring day. LOL You did good protecting the human cub. They sometimes howl, but it normally doesn't last too long. Aren't you glad of that? You're a good protector, Kero...keep up the good work. :)

Enjoy the upcoming week.

Intense Guy said...

Sounds like you did a fine job Kero!!

Bravo for chasing away the adult human when you and the pup were out doing a walkie!

I think human pups tend to eat food I wouldn't want any part of... And I've no idea what one of those "rusk" things are.

I hope you got some tummy rubs after the human pup went away!

Head pats and snuggles,


Rita said...

I have only seen and heard tiny humans on CatTV from high above them or when they are in the hallway. I am not sure I'd want to get any closer to them, as they are loud and erratic. You do make them sound interesting and tasty to lick, tho. Except for that rusk thingie--that sounded horrible.

Sorry you got yelled at for waking it up, but how were you to know? It needed protection, after all. Good thing they have you and you like to defend and protect. It would have been on its own with me. I would have been under the bed at the first sign of danger.

Sounds exhausting! I'm sure you were glad to finally be alone with your human after such a crazy day!
Love, Karma

Deanna said...

What would Mami have done without you, Kero? You may be small, but you are mighty!

Hope you got some rest after such a tiring day.

Toriz said...

A Farley's rusk is a baby biscuit that can either be mushed up with milk - often done when they first start on solid food - or given to them to suck and chew on as is.

Kero said...

Yes, I'm glad the howling didn't last long. I'm sure I could have given the cub a fair bit of compatition if needs be though. I can howl for quite some time if I want to.

Trust me, some of their food is quite nice. At least... Some of the stuff the cub has had when I've been around seems to be anyway.

Exactly! How was I to know? I was just making sure nobody got near the cub!

I don't blame you for prefering to hide though... Some stuff in the world can be very scary!

Yes, that's me... Small and mighty!

Yeah, I got some rest afterwards.

Licks and sniffs,