Monday, October 25, 2010

Water, water everywhere

When I got back from town with Mam on last Monday morning, the floor was really wet near our sink. First thing we checked was if our pipes had any leaks, but they seemed fine, and there was no sign of water in the bottom of the cupboard under the sink... Only on the floor around the area. Then we realised that Mam's phone - luckily her old one - was sitting in a puddle of water on the windowsill. But where had it come from? We figured that out when the guy upstairs came home and turned his tap on. Within a couple of seconds we had water pouring down from the ceiling, hitting the exact spot where Mam's phone had been, and cascading down the wall near that spot, forming a huge puddle.

The council came outt the following morning and discovered a slight leak in the pipes under upstairs' sink, fixed it, and went away. Mam's phone was ruined, but they didn't care. We were a bit annoyed about it, since they've supposedly just redone the plumbing upstairs before he moved in, so there shouldn't have been any leaks. But there you go!

We've had dry weather, and the reason I'm saying about this now is that it's relevant. Because the rain showed up on Saturday. And so did more water. It was running down the wall near the spot that had the huge leak last week. First thing we did was go see the guy upstairs, but this time not only was it not his doing (he was in a totally different room, and had no water running) but he was having the same issue. This time the water is coming from up near the roof of the actual building. He's had it happening for a bit and been reporting it, only nothing's been done. So we reported it, and were told they would make a note of it and "deal with it first thing Monday".

So, they called us first thing this morning (which surprised me, actually) to ask for more info - since "apparently" they can't do anything on weekends *rolling eyes* - and claim he's not reported it so it can't be that bad (despite us knowing for a fact he's been to see them about it, phoned, etc, because he's told us on previous occasions, plus it's been reported by us and Eleri in the past). It's the issue they were "meant to" come back to fix... The one that led to the scaffolding being up, then being removed... Yeah, that's right, it's STILL not sorted!

Are they sending someone out? *Shrugs* I have no idea. It doesn't sound to me like they are, personally. My plan is to give them today and tomorrow (unless it gets worse, in which case they'll know about it) then call them again, making sure he also does.

In the meantime, my plan is to hope it doesn't rain too much, and keep anything that water can damage away from that area. Not to mention keeping things on hand to mop up water with (with where it is, there's no way to put a bucket or something there to catch the water).

Good thing I haven't gotten to the painting yet, you think?

It's OK when it doesn't rain. Unfortunately, this is Wales, and it's well in to Autumn, which means we're due for a fair bit of wet weather. I don't suppose the really cold weather we're having is going to be helping any leaks either... If I'm not mistaken, things like really cold nights with temperatures rising a bit in the day (though not a lot in our case, admittedly) only help widen holes in things like roofs, etc.


Rita said...

OMG! Water leaks! So frustrating!! And in your new kitchen!! And yours didn't start until they "fixed" the place upstairs--awkkk! I certainly can empathize. My ceiling leaking didn't start until they came to "fix" the roof. *sigh* And you can't even put a bucket down when it is running down the walls. Dang good thing you hadn't already painted--yes! I sure hope they get it repaired soon. My heart goes out to you guys! Keep bugging them!! :(

Intense Guy said...

Oh goodness... I had nearly forgotten about the scaffolding business... and it looks like they (the counsel) have forgotten it altogether!

Yikes! I hope they get their act together - I guess if you remind them that their expensive new renovations will be ruined if the roof leaks maybe they will wake up...

Deanna said...

I would be so upset! Don't they know that if they fix things right the first time that it will cost them less in the long run.

Keep on them Tori. You are a saint to put up with this.

AliceKay said...

This sounds like a major mess and a major headache. I sure hope it isn't pouring down rain in Wales like it is here in Pennsylvania tonight. (by the way, it's pouring down rain outside) I hope they come and fix the problem ASAP. And the others are right...keep at them until it's fixed. Good luck!

Toriz said...

Yeah, it's funny how it only started after things were "fixed" isn't it? *Sigh*

It certainly does seem like they've forgotten!

Yeah, that might work. After all, that cost them money. ;)

Yeah, if they did the job right first time it would cost them a lot less in the long run. But I'm thinking they haven't figured that out yet.

A saint? Nope! I put up with it because I have to.

I'm glad your rain is only outside! ;)