Sunday, December 18, 2011

It's tradition (FD)

When I first learned of the blog party I'm writing this post for (see the bottom of this post for information on said blog party) I wasn't sure I'd be able to write anything for it. "My family doesn't have traditions," I said to myself. Then I thought about it for a moment, and that's when I realized; we do!

Each year the decorations go up on or as soon as possible after December 1st. I don't remember a time it was later than the end of the first week in December we put the decorations up, and most years it is actually December 1st that the decorations at least begin to be put up; even if it's the following day before they're finished. This year I was late for us, I didn't get our decorations up until December 5th, but it was still the first week; like it always was when I was growing up.

We still have Christmas stockings, which we still put out after bath time on Christmas Eve ready for "Santa" to fill them. The difference is that these days I know how they get filled, and I don't go to bed almost as soon as I lay out my stocking. We also still get a present under the tree from "Santa" which "somehow" gets muddled in with all the other presents under the tree (that always baffled me when I was a child, LOL!) And, yes, the stockings and "Santa pressie" apply to pets too!

We also have advent calenders, despite the fact we begin our holiday celebrations a couple of days early, and despite the fact that not only are we no longer children (the main audience for advent calenders) but Kelly and I are both Pagan. I've always had an advent calender, and I see no reason to stop now; adults like chocolate too, and so do Pagans! Also, it's fun counting the days with a little chocolate, and wondering each day when you open that little door what you'll find inside!

And, as of this year, we're starting a couple of new traditions.

For one thing, due to wanting to combine our Yule and Christmas celebrations, Kelly and I will be begining our celebrations on December 21st, and continuing them up to and including December 26th; we used to do something on the 21st to acknowledge Yule, but we want to combine the celebrations properly as of this year.

In doing this we're making a slight change in that we're having a "holiday feast" on December 26th instead of having Christmas dinner. For one thing this is because it's customary for Pagan celebrrations to end with feasting, for another this is because we have several people we'd like to call and talk to on Christmas Day - especially with us now living nowhere near any of either of our families - so we figured we'd free up most of the day to spend it talking to family members, leaving the cooking and eating of our holiday feast for the following day instead.

The other new things we're starting this year involve decorations.

I wanted us to start making a holiday decoration each year, so we'll be doing that; I thought it would be a nice activity to do together (even if we make seporate decorations but do it at the same time sat beside each other, if you know what I mean). Plus, it's always nice to take out handmade things and say, "remember when we made this?" And hopefully start remembering happy memories of the year we made it.

Also, on Thursday Kelly came home with a beautiful glass angel tree ornament (photos to come at a later date) and announced that starting this year he wants us to buy a new ornament for our tree as well as making something; which I agreed to.


Today I'm participating in another blog party - the second of three I'm participating in this holiday season. The theme of today's blog party is holiday traditions. Click on the button below to read about the traditions of other partiers:


Anonymous said...

Happy Yule! Golly this post reminded me that we could always start NEW traditions for the seasons!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for participating in my blog party! Your family has some wonderful traditions!

Deanna said...

Those are all wonderful holiday traditions. And it is very special that you are starting new traditions. Every year we buy our grandchildren an ornament for their christmas tree and label it with their name and the year. By the time they are on their own, they will each have a nice selection of ornaments for their very own first christmas tree.

Crunchy Frugalista said...

I loved reading your traditions. This is our first year not celebrating Christmas, but we have done so for many years. You have to do what is right for your family! So glad to meet you. Hope you will hop by, BB, Meadow

Lady Rose said...

Yuletide blessings and happy Yule blog party

Natalie..... said...

Starting your own traditions is a good thing for a new family! I have a easy beautiful Christmas/Yule decoration you can make: take two glass bricks(like they put in bathroom walls)put a small strand of lights between the bricks and wrap it with ribbon to look like a present(there's better directions on my blog, I am not crafty)Happy Yule!bridgetsdaughter5.blogspot

Toriz said...

Thank you all for visiting and commenting; I'll return the visits as soon as I'm able to do so (later today, I hope). :)

That's nice; they'll have a beautiful collection to start them off! :)

Susan said...

Beautiful post Tori!
I love the idea of starting on the 21rst and doing something special each day and ending on the 26th.
Last week's party I remember reading on somone's blog that part of one of the ancient cultures, recognized Jan. 6th for something, I commented that Ukrainian Christmas is on Jan. 6th.
When things are better organized, and fixed in my home, I will be doing things the way i want to. Right now Pretty much everything is a hassle, sadly.
love n light,

Rita said...

Sounds like you had a lot more traditions than you first thought! And nice ones. :)

AliceKay said...

I'm with Rita. Sounds like you've had a lot of traditions each year that carry on to this day. Adding to them will be fun for both you and Kelly. :)

Intense Guy said...

Its always nice to start some new traditions too. :)

Sounds like you are really busy this holiday season!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love these, Tori! It's complicated when you start blending traditions and faiths and lawd knows what else, but I think these are all splendid ways to spend holidays. I especially love that you still have Christmas stockings -- even as adults, and even though you know what's in 'em, it's still fun to go through them the next morning with your spouse and family. :)

Blessed Yule to you and Kelly!

Kat of EmKatCreations said...

Have a blessed Yule! Starting new traditions can be so much fun.

Toriz said...

Thanks for the comments all! :)

Yes, there are seasonal holidays from about December 56th to January 6th; I don't remember them all, but eplenty of people celebrate something or other at some point other than Christmas day. And I got the idea of celebrating for a few days from the fact I read somewhere that most of the old festivals used to happen for several days, and I thought that since we usually did a little something on the 21st, and my family used to do stuff from the 24th to the 26th, then it makes sense to include the 22nd and 23rd too, and just make it a longer celebration. Besides, I like the idea that it lasts for several days rather than all the hype and it's over in a few hours and a mess of wrapping paper.

Rita & AK:
Yes, it definately looks like I had more to post about than I thought. :)

Yes; plenty planned. I'm doing a "this is what we're doing this year" post tomorrow for more details. :)

The good thing is we're working mostly with the same beliefs, just different traditions; and Yule and Christmas are similar in the way they're celebrated anyway.

Serena Lewis said...

Darn it! I had just finished typing up a nice, long comment and, as I hit Publish, my modem cut out so I lost the comment. SO frustrating!

Anywhoo, I was saying that I think your plans for Yule and Christmas sound great. We always put our tree up on December 1st or within a couple of days thereafter. Our other family tradition is that the tree and all Christmas decorations must be packed away before the start of the New Year.

Another great idea to make a Christmas decoration each year. I paint a Christmas tree ornament for my granddaughter each year and it feels so special. This will be her second. I did the same for my son, Aaron, up until he turned 10. He still enjoys seeing his special ornaments on the tree.

Have fun!

Serena xo

Toriz said...

Thanks for the comment; our decorations come down just after the new year, though only a couple of days in to it (maybe the 2nd or 3rd of January).

Anonymous said...

That's the truth! Happens when one takes from another and vice versa and again and again until everyone's dizzy and doesn't know where up is. ;)

Toriz said...

*Nods at Stephanie*