Thursday, December 01, 2011

Mobility, meditation and mutterings

OK, how did it get to December already? It shouldn't be December yet... I wasn't done with November, LOL! Seriously though, where has the time been going?

Nobody knows, huh?

Oh well... *Sigh*


I met my actual mobility officer on Tuesday; she seems nice. She's alergic to dogs though; she's fine if she doesn't actually touch them, but Kero tends to want to jump up at people who come in to say, "hi," to them. I wish she'd said about that before she came; I'd have clipped his lead on him to keep him back. Mind you, as it turned out Kero was satisfied with her comment of, "you're a beautiful - or is it handsome? - dog, but I wont pet you; a sniffly nose and red, watery eyes just isn't a good look for me," and he stayed calm enough that only when we came back from our actual mobility session did he go to jump up at her, but, thankfully, he was also excited at my return, so when I heard his tags heading in her direction (his tags jingling is often how I tell where he is) I was able to quickly get his attention focussed back on me, and he came running in my direction to jump all over me instead.


The session was pretty good; she's quite pleased with my cane skills, although it's obvious to her that I spend a lot of time with others with me, because I don't bring the cane around to my left as much as I should (because I'm so used to having someone walking that side, which would mean they'd be watching for obsticles that side anyway). And, if you're wondering, the reason she needed to see my cane skills is that for the past couple of years the only time I've been walking just by myself is when I've been walking Kero along that path by the old place, and when you're just following a path it's very different to when you're actually going out and about and needing to avoid posts, people, etc, or navigate around parked cars and such.

We're having a Tuesday afternoon session, and we're going to work on the walk to the park first. She hadn't been in the park before, but when she walked through the archway she immediately knew why I wanted to learn the route so badly. I believe her exact words were, "WOW! And it's Winter and it looks this beautiful; imagine what it will be like in the Spring and Summer!" I smiled and said, "so you see why I want to learn this route first?" And she said she did, and, then continued to exclaim over all the things still blooming in the park, and generally how beautiful it is.

I asked her about the gate thing, and she thinks the best idea will probably be for me to atatch a bit of metal sheeting or something to the bit of concrete that makes the front of the step you step up as you walk in the gate; the idea being that - since it's concrete all the way along - my cane will make a different noise when hitting it. That's probably a good plan, but I'd need to get permission from The Landlord to do that, because to stick it on firmly enough that it doesn't come off too easily it would make it quite difficult to remove at a later date. Not impossible, but difficult. The other option is that I hope I manage to successfully count doorways and gateways as I come down our street, and tie something rust proof to the gate to show myself that I did definately count properly, though she has no idea what I could tie to the gate that would stay put and not get damaged by bad weather.

Also, I explained to her about my "monster issue" and how I learn routes a lot quicker than I manage to do them, because when I try and do them myself monsters appear and I just want to go home, and she's promised to slowly wean me off having her with me for each route (gradually falling further behind each time we walk it, once she knows I know it well) so I can get up my confidence walking out in the big wide world by myself, knowing that someone is there - and since she isn't scared, the chances are the monsters aren't there - rather than how it was done before where I went from having someone with me to having nobody, and as a result was too scared to go more than a short distance from the comfort zone of that little path by the river.


I've joined the Chopra Center Free 21 Day Meditation Challenge that Rita mentioned on her blog a couple of days ago. I figure - if nothing else - maybe it will help me to get back in to the habit of more regular meditation sessions, which is something I've been trying to work on getting back in the habit of doing. Anyway, it started today, and by the time I came online this morning the link for today's meditation was waiting in my inbox, so I spent some time on it this morning (which worked out great since I was home by myself this morning... Well, Kero was here, but I'm sure you know what I mean).


There was an awesome storm last night; I know because I ended up being up most of the night. I probably would have slept last night, only I was so in to the book I was reading that I couldn't tear myself away from it. So, I was up most of the night listening to the audiobook (which I'll tell you about another day, since I want to do it justice, so want to give it a post of its own) while the storm raged outside. I'm exhausted now though; the result of making myself get up after quite a short sleep (to minimize the chances of a sleepless night tonight; though it doesn't illiminate the possibility I wont sleep tonight). The book was worth it though. Well, I think it's worth it, anyway! You'll have to judge for yourself if you think it would be worth it to you when I post the review of it, which I'll do some time soon.


Going to leave it here and go finish the dishes before I get so tired I don't have the energy to do them (which, I have to admit, I'm not far from).

Enjoy whatever's left of your day, stay safe and warm... Oh, and if you have snow, please send some to me, because we got a nasty storm, but no snow, and I want snow! ;)


Furry Bottoms said...

Hi!! It's amazing to hear about how you learn stuff without your sight. I didn't know there were officers like that, and it's good to know. My heart won't palipate now that I know you have someone teaching you routes and stuff!

Intense Guy said...

Sounds like your mobility officer is willing to work things out so that you get the most help for your time spent. It's a shame she's allergic to Kero - but maybe thats a good thing - this way she won't trying "stealing" him!


Sounds like a "hard to put down" book you had!! I'll wait for the review patiently. Hope you get some quality sleep tonight!

If there was but a way - you would get ALL my snow this entire winter... LOL!

Rita said...

She sounds like a great mobility officer! Understanding and patient with good ideas. Now you'll know she's allergic to dogs before she comes next time.

A can't put down book and storms and a busy day. Hope you sleep well tonight and you think of some way to put something detachable onto the gate.

Sweet dreams!! :):)

That corgi :) said...

I always enjoy a good storm, but not at night when I'm trying to sleep! I am sure you are sleeping much better tonight!

Sounds like a good visit with the mobility officer; great that you will have that service to offer assistance! Too bad she's allergic to dogs though!


AliceKay said...

Yes, she does sound like a great mobility officer. I hope things go well, and it sounds like it should. Sorry to hear she's allergic to dogs, though. :(

Snow?? I'm with Iggy. If there was a way, you would get ALL of my snow this winter, too. LOL

I hope you were able to get some sleep.

Toriz said...

Thanks for being concerned enough to be relieved to hear I have someone teaching me routes properly! *Hugs*

True; at least if nothing else she wont be trying to steal Kero away (unlike what most others who've met him want to do, LOL!)

I got some sleep, but where I got over-tired it took me a while to go to sleep, then I kept waking up, so I'm not sure what kind of state my sleep pattern is in now. Oh well, sooner or later that was bound to happen anyway, LOL!

Then I wish there was a way, then you could avoid needing to deal with snow, and I could be sure to enjoy some! :)

Yes, she does. And, yes, now I know so know to keep him back.

Still not sure what to do about the gate.

Got some decent sleep, but it's probably knocked my sleep forward a few hours (I know it had for the last couple of nights). Ah well, that would have happened sooner or later anyway, and at least it happening because of something enjoyable is nicer than it just happening for no reason or whatever. ;)

Yes; it's hard to sleep when you're listening to something... Whether that be an audiobook or a storm, or both (or something else entirely).

Now I just have to hope she does what she says she will, and "hopefully" I should soon be able to start going out by myself (which would mean being able to go out when I want, and not when it suits others).

I hope things go well too!

Maybe if you and Iggy put your heads together you can come up with a way to send me your snow? ;)

Yep, I got sleep; later than planned, but never mind.