Thursday, May 02, 2013

Kelly's birthday and dietry evaluations (FD)

There's something about birthdays that makes you evaluate things in your life. Kelly's birthday is no exception it seems.

It's Kelly's birthday today, and the topic of conversation is breaking the bad habits we've gotten in to when it comes to our diets since I got so ill with my anemia.

We're both heavier than we want to be (by several stone) and know we've not been eating right lately.

It's a shame it's so much easier to get bad habits than to get rid of them.

We're going to try though.

We're going to stop buying take away so much, stop drinking so much pop, and stop earting so muchin the way of junk food in general (such as chocolate, chrisps, cake, etc).

Our health will benefit from it, I'm sure!


Intense Guy said...

Junk food is so addictive. I'm struggling to avoid it too - especially when it's really cold and one wants something comforting.

Toriz said...

*Agrees with Iggy*