Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 12th 2013 healthy eating update (FD)

We're almost a week in to our new healthy eating plan, and not doing too badly.

True, right now I'm eating some chocolate, which isn't the healthiest of things to be eating, but I've mostly been snacking on fruit. Mainly strawberries and peaches the past few days.

The reason I say we're not doing too badly is because we haven't had take-away since Wednesday, which is our pre-approved take-away day. We had been having take-away almost every night, so no take-away for four days is a good start!

Plus, as I said, I've mostly been snacking on just fruit. So has Kelly.

I'm trying to find some different vegetarian recipes for myself to keep variety in my meals. I have several, but you can never have too much variety in your meals in my opinion. Anyway, I haven't really found anything new yet, though I am liking the sound of pasta with asparagus, mushrooms, peppers and tomatoes, served with garlic bread, which someone said they were eating the other day. I'm assuming there was some kind of pasta sauce involved too, though none was actually mentioned.


Intense Guy said...

Eating healthy is difficult and expensive it seems...

Toriz said...

Indeed! You'd think with how eager everyone is for us to do it they'd help us out by making it a bit cheaper. Then we'd just have to deal with the difficulty of making new habits stick!