Wednesday, April 23, 2014

My guest post on writing blind

I wrote an article for a guest post for Words On A Limb. It's all about being a blind author and reader.

If you want to read it, you can do so by going to


Intense Guy said...

This was a wonderful conversation you had Tori!! – and illustrates a number of things – one: a handicap is only a handicap if you let it be one – two: encouragement from family and friends goes a long way – three: technology, correctly applied, can do wonders to better the human condition – but – when you read your books – you will understand that life is about the feelings and experiences of real living people. You write powerful poetry – and engaging stories – using the tools (technology) but not worshiping them.

Victoria Zigler said...

Thank you! :)

Also, thank you for all the encouragement and praise you've given me when it comes to my writing!

Rita said...

Another great interview! I didn't realize the people at Amazon were such jerks! I suppose they figure they have enough business that they don't have to be nice to gain additional customers? It will come back to bite them. Karma will get them.

Victoria Zigler said...

I didn't know they had that sort of attitude either, until I saw it first hand. I knew the guy who owns Smashwords had a disagreement with them in the past, but I'd assumed it was just rival companies bickering as they do, you know? I've since found out that it was something to do with how Amazon keeps trying to push indie authors to be exclusive to them, while other ebook retailers are trying to encourage distribution between each other, and because Smashwords publicly complained about this, Amazon are sulking and will only accept distribution from Smashwords if an author has sold more than a certain number of any given book (and it's quite a high number).