Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April's Monthly Reading Challenge - Celebrate April

This month's reading challenge on one of the groups I'm a member of on Goodreads was to read books for certain things that happen in April. There were 13, but I only did 10 of them. Here are the ones I did, and what I read for them...

April Fool’s Day - Read a book that is listed under the genre “Humour”
Read: If It Wasn't For Sarah by Lynne Roberts (read on April 25th 2014).

Easter Book Hunt - Hunt down that book you have been meaning to read for a while.
Read: Surviving The Fog (Surviving The Fog, #1) by Stan Morris (read on April 6th 2014).

April’s Showers - Read a book with a form of weather in the title. i.e. The Sun Dwellers or Water & Storm Country (The Country Saga, #3).
Read: Why Did It Have To Rain Today? by Donna L. Dillon (read on April 9th 2014).

Earth Day - Read a book in either the science fiction or dystopian genre or with a picture of the moon/earth on the cover.
Read: Xandra by Ann Snizek (read on April 1st 2014).

Fourth Month - Read a book that is fourth in a series, or has four words in the title.
Read: A Fistful Of Charms (The Hollows, #4) by Kim Harrison (read on April 17th 2014).

Reader's Choice - Read any book of your choosing.
Read: CRYO: A Changed World (CRYO, #2) by Geoffrey Wakeling (read on April 16th 2014).

April - Read a book which title or author’s name starts with “A”.
Read: Alien Coffee by John H. Carroll (read on April 9th 2014).

The diamond is the birthstone for the month of April - Read a book that has a diamond on the cover or in the romance genre.
Read: Missing In Egypt by Rita Lee Chapman (read on April 26th 2014).

National Frog Month is celebrated in the United States during the month of April - In honor of the little amphibians, take a moment to learn more about them. Find a frog-related craft or activity to get your family in the spirit of Frog Month and take the time to celebrate one of the earth's oldest living creatures. Come back and share with us via picture or tell us what you did to celebrate National Frog Month! OR Find and Read a book with a Frog on the Cover...(have fun).
Read: Roger The Frog by James Sutherland (read on April 9th 2014).

April Showers brings May Flowers - Spell it out – read a book that begins with each letter in the word…..MAY!

M - The Magician's Turban by Gita V. Reddy (read on April 2nd 2014).
A - The Amazing Maurice And His Educated Rodents (Discworld, #28) by Terry Pratchett (read on April 5th 2014).
Y - The Young Wizard (Anaboraxus, #1) by Norman X. Scozzafova (read on April 13th 2014).


Intense Guy said...

Goodness. I missed National Frog Month.

I will celebrate the little critters this month, on my own!

Victoria Zigler said...

It's never too late to celebrate and appreciate wildlife!

Rita said...

You read more than anyone I know!! :) :)

Victoria Zigler said...

I read more than most people I know put together, LOL! I do know a couple of people who read more than me though; a few people I met through Goodreads. Mostly I read more books in a month than most people read in a year though. Hey, at least it helps with getting through the pile of books I want to read, LOL!