Saturday, May 03, 2014

Reflections on eight years of blogging

I started this blog eight years ago today.

Time sure flies, doesn't it?

I still remember my first posts though; even without looking.

My very first post was a belated happy birthday to my hubby, Kelly, because his birthday is May 2nd. I then posted about how we were about to add my Oriental cat, Chance, to the family. A lot of my early posts were about Chance, because I was mostly using my blog to show him off to my Grandma at first, and as a result I can't think of my blog without remembering him.

My blog was mostly focussed on my pets for a while, then became about everything that was happening in my life, then articles and random things I felt like sharing too. These days it seems to be mostly about my writing, but that's at least partly because most of my time is spent focussing on my writing these days. I do sometimes think I'll come on and do a post about just random things happening in my life, but I either don't get around to it or decide it's probably not interesting enough for people to consider it worth reading.

Actually, in the past couple of weeks it's been more a case of not getting around to it; there haven't been enough hours in the day lately. Well, I suppose I could have made time if I eased up on the reading. But, by the time I was done with sorting things for all the interviews and guest posts you probably noticed last month, got housework done, then sorted e-mails, I generally just felt like stepping away from the computer and either playing with the furries or curling up with a book.

On that note... The laundry won't sort itself, no matter how nicely I ask it, so I better go do it.

Thank you to new followers, but an especially big thank you to those who have stuck with me and put up with my nonsense for years!


Intense Guy said...

8 years already? Goodness. Time does fly and we need one of your time-slower-downers!

I don't recall when I started - I'm looking .. the oldest post I have is Sunday, January 7, 2007. I think I delete some of the oldest ones... you know how it is...


Victoria Zigler said...

I really wish I could find those time slowing devices, but you know how it is... When you need something, you can never find it!

I know a lot of people delete old posts, but I still have all mine. Plus, as I said, I remember the first thing I posted about clearly without looking. I think the reason I remember without looking is because of Chance though.

Rita said...

I'm eight years next month! I was just thinking about that and how my blog has changed over the years, too. Congrats on starting your ninth year! :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks, Rita!