Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Gerbils and a gnawing block (FD)

Bilbo and Baggins, being typical gerbils, love their food. They especially love pumpkin seeds, cheese and oatmeal. But, being typical gerbils, they also love to gnaw on things in general. So, we brought them a big gnawing block of their very own like the degus have.

Here's Baggins trying to figure out what it is:

Bilbo is curious too...

We did try to get a photo afterwards when Baggins was actually gnnawing on the block, but it didn't come out clearly enough for him to be made out, so we didn't keep it.


Intense Guy said...

So this is a block.. of wood? I imagine they don't last very long... maybe a month if that?

Victoria Zigler said...

No, not wood. They have some sticks of wood to chew on - which last a day at most - but the block isn't wood. I can't remember what it's made of, but it's some sort of stone, and something like the rodent equivalent of the cuttlefish you put in a birdcage. They've already had them more than a month now (I'm slow posting these photos) and still have most of it despite gnawing at it regularly.

Rita said...

Sounds like something that will last quite a while and help them keep their teeth shorter, so that's a good thing. Glad they chew on it. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

I'm glad too... Keeps them from gnawing the bars as much (though it doesn't stop them doing it at all, and they still insist on chewing the bars a little, despite our attempts at convincing them not to).