Monday, May 04, 2015

Monday's random mutterings: special bloggerversary and royal baby edition - May 4th 2015

May the fourth be with you on this Star Wars day!

I'm reading some Star Wars novels at the moment. They're set around the same time as the computer game Kelly plays, which is set some time before the Star Wars movies; about three thousand years before, apparently.

Anyway, today is also a bank holiday in the UK; this past weekend was the May Day bank holiday weekend, to be exact, since May Day - or, Beltane... Call it whichever you like - was the end of last week; last Thursday, or last Friday, depending on who you ask, and whether they consider the date to celebrate to be April 30th or May 1st.

Personally, I consider it to be May 1st, but the local annual celebrations for it are happening today, since they generally happen on the first Monday in May; the May Day bank holiday, as I already mentioned.

As part of the May Day celebrations, there's some kind of motorbike show happening in town today, and I can hear the bikes roaring past as they race along the road that seporates us from the beach. There's a bunch of other stuff happening to, but I'm too far away to hear the other stuff, and don't really feel like going to check it out. There will be Morris Dancing though; there usually is.

Anyway... That's not all that's happened this weekend to give people reason to celebrate!

The little Prince of Cambridge, George Alexander Louis, who will be 2 years old in July, became a big brother on Saturday, when his baby sister was born; I'd planned to put her name in this post, but it doesn't seem to have been announced just yet.

So, proud parents, Prince William of Wales, Duke of Cambridge (who's full name, if you're interested, is William Arthur Philip Louis) and Princess Catherine, Dutchess of Cambridge (who's full name is Catherine Elizabeth, if you'd like to know that too), now have one of each; a little prince, and a little princess.

From what I've heard, Charlotte and Alice seem to be popular choices for those making bets on the name. Personally, I think either Catherine, Elizabeth, Mary, Margret, Anne, or Victoria are quite likely to be in there somewhere, possibly even more than one of those names, and agree with those saying there's a high chance of the name Diana being in there too. Maybe they'll call her Charlotte Diana Elizabeth, or something like that? Hopefully they won't leave us wondering too much longer.

Regardless of her name though, as it happened, the little princess was born on my hubby's birthday. Yep, it was Kelly's birthday Saturday!

My first ever post was a belated happy birthday post for my hubby. Which reminds me...

Yesterday (May 3rd 2015) was my bloggerversary; I've now had this blog for 9 years. Sure, I stopped blogging publicly for a while, but I was still technically blogging, and the blog still existed, so it counts.


Congratulations to the Duke and Dutchess of Cambridge on their new little princess, belated Beltane blessings to all, belated happy birthday to Kelly, horray for reaching my 9th bloggerversary, and happy Star Wars May Day bank holiday to all!


Intense Guy said...

Happy Birthday to Kelly! And Blogaversery to you!

Smiles and hugs.

May the fourth with you be! (Yoda)

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! Kelly says thanks too! :)

*Smiles at your Yoda impression*

Victoria Zigler said...

P.S. In case you haven't heard... The new little princess has a name. Her name is Charlotte Elizabeth Diana. I almost had it right with my guess earlier; I just had the middle names the wrong way around.

Rita said...

Congrats to them on the little princess.
Happy birthday to your prince. ;)
You were really close on the princess name. :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks for Kelly's birthday wishes! :)

Yeah, I was really close with the name. My Mam couldn't believe how close I was to guessing what they'd call her.

Jeanie said...

Happy Blogaversary! Nine years is quite a feat -- you must have been a pioneer!

And Charlotte Elizabeth Diana -- I couldn't have picked a better name myself! (And YOU did -- just inverted a bit!). Great joy over here for her too -- we love the royals, maybe even more than the Brits!

Victoria Zigler said...

I think you're right that you guys over there probably love the royals more than we do over here. Maybe it's because they're right on our doorstep? I mean, people always seem to love things from elsewhere more than things they can find locally, don't they?