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#Writing Wednesday - August 3rd 2016

Whether you're new to writing, or have been doing it for ages, here are the things most people wish they knew when they were writing virgins; just some words of wisdom on the most important things to remember when you're a writer.

Need a little help when it comes to figuring out the genre of your story? Then take a look at these fiction genre definitions.

Regardless of your genre, check out this link if you're writing with colour, so you can avoid offending your readers by getting the facts right. I haven't included any people of colour in my books as yet - partially because most of my characters have been animals - but, when I do, I'll be sure to avoid using food to describe darker skin.

Anyway... When it comes to writing in general... Are you one of those people who struggles to get those visual details in? Then take a look at these seven ways to write bisually (without describing everything), and this post on brushing up on "Show, don't tell".

Want to inject some humour in to your writing? These 3 tips for writing humour will help you out. You may want to check out some of the other posts from that blog too, since they're currently in the fourth week of this year's Summer school - which I've been doing, as you may remember me mentioning a couple of weeks ago, around when it started - and this year's topic was heart and humour.

Oh, and, don't forget... It's possible to have allergies, asthma, and ailments in a book... Even a fantasy one. In fact, having these things may be another way to help your readers connect with your character, since plenty of real people have issues like these. I mean, I myself have asthma, though it's not as bad as many people have, nor even as bad as it was when I was younger (these days they call it "bronchial asthma" and it's generally under control even without an inhaler, unless I have a chest infection, but I used to need an inhaler several times a day, every day). On a similar theme, here's a writer's guide to serious injuries and colamities, for those who want to write a scene where your character comes close to dying, but pulls through at the last moment.

Alternatively, if you're in a slump, and not feeling motivated, you may want to try these five tips for when you're in a slump or unmotivated. They're officially aimed at bloggers, but could just as easily have been written for writers of any kind.


What is Plagiarism? If you're not sure, read the post I just linked to. The post also contains some useful links you can use if you want to make absolutely certain you aren't guilty of it, so you may want to check it out even if you do know what plagiarism is.


Want to show your support for, and potentially help out, any author, artist, or musician, friends or family members you might have? It's quite simple, actually! All you have to do is read these five tips for helping out an author... Or any artist really, and then follow the advice. Obviously, if it's for an artist or musician, rather than an author, you would substitute the word "book" for whatever other creation the person has made, be it a painting an arty person you know has done, a CD or song download by a musician you're friends with or related to, or whatever. Here are more ways to show appreciation for an author. You can also do these things if you don't really know the person, but happen to like their work. Thank you to anyone who has done any of these things for me, or who does so in the near future.

Writing reviews is one thing mentioned in those above posts, and it's something that especially helps an author... Even more so with self-published/indie authors. So, did you read a book recently that you enjoyed? Why not take a few moments to write a review for it? If you're not sure where to start, you can read these four quick ways to write a book review. Now, the post spacifically mentions writing reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, but authors appreciate reviews left anywhere. For example, if you brought a book from Smashwords or Barnes & Noble, you could leave a review there too. The author will really appreciate it. In fact... A huge thank you to those who have taken the time to review books of mine at any point in the past, or who go and do so after reading this!

Oh, and... Authors and publishers... Here are the dos and don'ts of asking for reviews.

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