Wednesday, September 14, 2016

#Writing Wednesday - September 14th 2016

The paperback version of "Jeffrey The Orange Alien" is now available from CreateSpace and Amazon, and will be available from other sites (such as Barnes & Noble) soon.

(Click on the book's title above to buy it from the CreateSpace store).

I was surprised at how quickly I got the proof this time... It only took them a week to get it to me (even though they'd said two weeks when I ordered it, and the proofs do usually arrive on the day they predict, or within a day either way). Not that I'm complaining, since it means I was able to post this announcement a week earlier than I expected to.


When I was creating the interior file for the print edition of "Frank The Friendly Ogre" last year, I ran in to a slight problem, which was caused by the minimum page requirements for CreateSpace. You have to have a minimum of 24 pages in a book, and are only allowed to add so many blank pages. For all my other books this wasn't a problem. For Frank's story, however, it was, because it's really quite a short one. So I solved the problem by adding a dedication at the front of the book, and a short note to readers at the end of it.

"I'll go and add these on the eBook version too," I told myself, thinking that other readers may want to read those things too, and shouldn't be excluded from doing so because they read their books on eReaders, tablets, or computers.

Except, I never actually got around to updating the eBook version.

Until... Finally... About a week ago... I actually did get around to doing it. YAY!

So, those of you who read my books as eBooks should now be able to access an updated version of the story, with the dedication and note to readers added - regardless of the format you read my books in, or where you get your copies of my books.


If you missed when I posted about it on the weekend, here's where you can read my most recent interview.

Also... Don't forget: I'm September's author of the month, and accepting questions on just about any topic. You can follow the discussion at Alternatively, feel free to ask me questions via my Goodreads author page, or on this post.


Jeanie said...

It must feel really good to get your paperback version finally published. I don't see how you do it! But good for you!

Victoria Zigler said...

Now that I'm all caught up, it's not so bad. It's been very time consuming getting my backlist available in paperback. Not to mention, frustrating - especially for Iggy - when it came to sorting out the cover files. But it does feel good being able to say they're available in both formats, especially since there are a few people I know who prefer a physical book. I don't know if any of those people will buy copies of any of my books, but at least they have the option to do so if they want to.