Sunday, December 18, 2016

Of Real #Christmas Trees, #Reindeer, And 2016 #Holiday Decorating

I usually get an artificial tree, and had planned to get a new one this year, since I accidentally broke the base of the old one last year, and the fibre optic trees are no good without their base. But then I decided I wanted a real tree this year, especially since our friends, Lorna and Andy, are having a wood burning stove installed in their new house, and it can go to them for firewood once the holidays are over.

When I mentioned this to Lorna, she offered the use of her car to go get one. So, on December 7th, we all went to the tree farm (pictured at the top of this post) to get a tree, and while we were there, we said hi to a couple of deer they had at the farm (pictured below).

We were allowed to pet the reindeer, but they wouldn't come close enough. I was a little disappointed about that, but not all that surprised. The frustrating thing is, they came almost close enough for me to touch them, but were just out of my reach. I got to hear them snorting, eating, and drinking, so that was cool anyway.

So... Back to the tree...

The original plan was for Lorna and Andy's car to transport the tree, but the guys at the farm delivered it with their lorry instead. They even carried it up the stairs for us, which I'm sure Kelly and Andy were pleased about, since I'm sure neither of them was looking forward to carrying the tree up all those stairs.

So... A couple of days before, Kelly and I had used our old bucket to collect some stones from the beach, with plans to use the bucket of stones to stand the tree in. We figure we'll take the stones back to the beach after the holidays are over. Our plan worked, though if we get a real tree again next year, it will probably be best to invest in a proper stand for it, since getting both tree and stones to cooperate was a lot of work (not to mention how much fun carrying a bucket of stones up three flights of stairs wasn't for Kelly). Still, as I said, our plan worked, and the tree happily stood among the stones waiting to be decorated...

...Which we started doing the day after we went to the tree farm, and finished doing the following day, since it was being done between other activities.

I'm glad I had Kelly helping me with decorating it, since I'm not sure I'd have reached the top of it even if I climbed on a chair. We got an eight foot tree, since we had the ceiling to allow for it, and I'm only just over five foot tall. Actually, we only just have the ceiling to allow for it, and had to nestle my new snowflake tree topper among the branches, since the tree almost touches the ceiling, so we couldn't really get it on there. Yes, we could have trimmed the top, but I didn't want to.

Anyway, we got our tree decorated between us, so here it is all nicely decorated:

(If you're wondering why I took separate photos of the top and bottom, it's because there's nowhere we could stand and still get the whole tree in the shot, so I had to do it that way).

Some of the tree ornaments are ones I still have that I've made or collected over the years, some - like the snowflake that's meant to be a tree topper - are new ones I brought this year, and some - like most of the baubles - are ones Lorna and Andy gave us that they no longer use.

We don't have lights on the tree (other than the snowflake) because we'd originally planned to just get a small tree, so we only got a small string of lights. When we realized there was no way we'd be able to light up the whole tree with the lights we have, we decided to leave the lights off the tree this year. We strung them up elsewhere instead, since I wanted my star shaped lights to be up, even if they aren't on the tree. So, these are my new star shaped holiday lights:

The tree is in the computer room, because where we're sorting some things out, the computer room is the place with the best space for it. But the lights are in the living room, along with the polar bear and penguin enjoying some fake snow...

...A mini figure of Olaf the snoman who is also enjoying the fake snow...

And the window display I set up...

(Which, again, had to be done in two shots to get it all in the photo).

So, there you go, those are our holiday decorations for this year, with a couple of real live reindeer thrown in for your holiday viewing pleasure. I even made sure my iPhone was charged so I could get decent shots for you.


Intense Guy said...

Your holiday decorations are certainly full of cheer and look so nice! I bet the tree smells good too!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks. Yes, it does.

Rita said...

I haven't had a real tree for so long I can't even remember when. But you don't forget the smell and the prickly bark and needles as you are setting it up. What fun to have a real tree and how nice of them to deliver and carry it up the stairs for you guys!! Looks great with all the decorations. Merry Christmas!! :)

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks... Merry Christmas to you too!

Jeanie said...

I love the window display with all your "littles." Very cheerful! And your tree is just lovely. Straight as an arrow -- often a problem with a real tree! Good idea on using the stones. Rick's tree stand has had troubles and what started as a straight tree now leans to the right. We'll probably put a book under the leg but we wanted to make sure it would stay standing!

I like that you had lights in one room and the tree in the other -- spreading it around.

All wonderful, Tori. (And lucky you having the guys carry it up the steps. That doesn't happen around here!)

Victoria Zigler said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the decorations. Yeah, it's nice having both rooms festive. I'd have included the bedroom too, if I had more decorations to work with. Maybe once I've collected a few more? *wink* It's a good tree. Not that I'm any judge, I suppose, but it smells really nice, and hasn't started dropping needles much yet, which makes it a good tree in my book.

Deanna said...

I love the smell of a real Christmas tree and sometimes miss the fun of picking one out each year. However, my daughter and I are both allergic so we have to use an artificial tree. Which is still up, by the way - ha!

Love those snowflake lights! I'd be inclined to leave them up all winter for a little dose of cheer.

Victoria Zigler said...

Sorry you can'thave a real Christmas tree. Glad you're able to enjoy your artificial one at least though.

I was tempted to leave the lights up, but decided against it in the end. So they came down with the rest of the decorations on the weekend. The tree has just been taken away.