Wednesday, December 28, 2016

#Writing Wednesday: 2016 In Review

I said at the start of January 2016 that my writing goals for 2016 were:

*Finnish and publish both "Zeena And The Mermaid" and "Zeena And The Phoenix" (books three and four in the "Zeena Dragon Fae" series respectively).
*Get the last few books already published as eBooks out in paperback, and arrange for new books to be made available as paperbacks as soon as possible after the eBook releases.
*Publish a new poetry collection.
*At least start writing some of the stories I have ideas for, and publish them as they're ready.

So, how did I do?

I managed to check everything off my list!

*"Zeena And The Mermaid" and "Zeena And The Phoenix" were published in February and May respectively.
*With the exception of my newest release, which I haven't had a chance to sort the paperback for yet, all my books are now available in paperback as well as being available as eBooks. I've even sent paperback copies of them all to The British Library's Legal Deposit office.
*I published my poetry collection "The Ocean's Lullaby And Other Poems" in July.
*I wrote and published four other stories: "Rhubarb The Red-Nosed Rabbit" in March, "Jeffrey The Orange Alien" in August, "Eadweard - A Story Of 1066" in October, and "Ulrike's Christmas" in December.

All in all, a pretty productive year, I think, which surprised me when I realized it, because I felt at first as though I hadn't done half of what I'd planned to this year. It was only when I was looking at my list of 2016 goals that I realized I'd actually done everything I planned to do in 2016. Yep... Turns out I did better than I thought... Go me!

My 2016 sales figures weren't too bad either, which is amazing considering how much I suck at the marketing side of things. Honestly, I could do with figuring out a proper marketing plan one of these days. Yeah, yeah. I know, I should have done that already. Like I said, I suck at the marketing side of things.

Anyway, thank you to those who have been there beside me throughout it, or joined me along the way. Especially those who have supported me as an author in some way. You're all awesome!


Jeanie said...

Congratulations, Tori. It's a great feeling to have accomplished the goals you set -- especially when in January you never know quite how the rest of the year will shape up and what other challenges will pull time away from getting those done.

Three cheers to you! All good goals, all done!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks, Jeanie!

Intense Guy said...

Smiles. You did good!

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks, Iggy!

Deanna said...

Very impressive! Congratulations on meeting your goals. I hope 2017 is every bit as good for you. Happy New Year (tomorrow night). Btw, I received your Christmas card today. Thank you so much! I was late mailing mine (didn't get them in the mail until the 21st) but you should have one from me pretty soon.

Victoria Zigler said...

Thanks! Happy New Year to you too. Glad you got the card.