Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Coconuts, clutter, etc (FD)

The weather here has been typical Welsh weather lately... Wet! LOL! We've had the odd bright patch, but mainly we've had rain. And wind too... We mustn't forget that. ;)

Not much has been going on. About all I can tell you is...

Thursday afternoon my Mam dropped Wayne off with us for him to stay the night. We have him down here every so often on the first Thursday of the month to give Mam and Dad some time to themselves. I think I've mentioned that before. Anyway, he took Kero for a walk in the early evening and spent the rest of the afternoon and evening watching anime movies with Kelly, until I told them it was getting late and suggested bed might be a good idea. Especially since Mam was coming to pick Wayne up a little after 10:00 am, and he needed to be ready to leave when she got here.

Friday was about the least eventful day of all. Other than my walk with Kero nothing really happened.

Saturday I spent part of the afternoon on my own while Kelly was up at my parents' place for a role playing session with my Dad and some friends. I spent the time putting together a few Sunday Share posts ready for coming weeks. I've got them set up on schedule.

Sunday ended up spent mostly checking blogs, because I somehow kept getting side-tracked. I'd start reading a post then end up doing something else, then come back and finish that post and comment. Then I'd remember something else I needed - or wanted - to do, and off I'd go again. And that's how it went all day.

Monday morning Kelly went up town to pay the rent, and the gas and electric bills. He ran a couple of other errands too, but I can't remember what they were right now. And while he was gone I was just messing about on the PC.

My warden came in on Monday afternoon. I don't feel I need to be checked on regularly, but it comes with the alert system thingy the council keep insisting I need. Besides, she's not so bad, and was helpful this visit. The toilet seat has been a bit loose for a while, but just lately it's gotten worse and was broken so that if you sat down wrong you'd nearly end up on the floor. So, we told the warden and she got on the phone to them. They came to fix the toilet seat yesterday. We'd been trying for ages and having no luck. She gets on the phone and they're out in less than 24 hours. So, I guess having a warden come check on me every month or so isn't all bad. ;)

Tuesday (yesterday) I went shopping with my Mam. We went to Tescos to do some food shopping, and also to a few other shops.

While we were out we went to the library and picked up a couple more audiobooks for me to listen to, since I'd finished the ones I got a little over a week ago (they were the ones in yesterdays post). I'm already about half way through one of them. LOL!

I'm getting through the books so quickly because of listening to them while doing my sewing and knitting.

We also went in to Sweet Things, which is a sweet shop about as close as you can get nowadays to the old ones with the jars of sweets that get weighed out to figure out the price. We didn't go in planning to get anything as such, it's just we were passing it and I commented that I didn't know half the sweets they did, so Mam took me in to tell me what they did. I did end up getting a few sweets though. They had aneseed balls (not sure if I spelled that right) and I'd heard about them from lots of books I'd listened to and read, and I wanted to try them. I just got a couple, and then - to make it worth buying them, since I didn't want to get many in case I didn't like them - I got a few white chocolate mice too. No sense having the woman in the shop weigh a bag with just a couple of little sweets in after all. Well, that's my excuse anyway. LOL! Anyway, I did like the aneseed balls. I'll have to have someone go and fetch me some more.

I was out when the man came to fix the toilet seat. Kelly said Kero kept "helping" the guy, so had to be shut in the front room out of the way. Little devil. LOL!

Today (Wednesday) Mam and Dad were here for lunch and dinner. We always have egg sandwiches for lunch when they come. My Mam makes really good boiled egg sandwiches. We had egg sandwiches with a difference this week though - well, Mam and I did, Kelly and Dad didn't - we had egg, goats cheese, spring onions and tomatoes in a baguette. And very tasty it was too!

Mam spent the afternoon baking. She made Welsh cakes and coconut cake. We kept some, but she took some home.

She might have just made the Welsh cakes, but I got a coconut last week to try. I'd never had raw coconut before and wanted to taste it, so - since the coconut was quite cheap - I figured I'd try it. Mam broke it open for me to try today. I didn't think much of it. I definately prefer my coconut to be combined with other food items.

Before dinner Mam and I went up town to fetch a couple of things, and while we were out we brought some strawberries and a pot of cream to give to Eleri to say, "thank you," for the wool she gave me. But more on that tomorrow...

Anyway, Kelly and Dad had lamb with mash and peas for dinner. But Mam and I didn't. We had fish fingers with our mash and peas. My Mam doesn't eat meat much, and once the bones were off it there wasn't a whole lot of lamb, so I had fish fingers with Mam so as to leave the meat for the men.

The part of the week not taken up with the above or with the usual house work, sleeping, working on crafts, checking blogs, etc, has been taken up with my efforts in de cluttering. I have too much stuff and am sorting through the items so as to weed out things I don't use and either give them to people, sell them, or pack them up to go to a charity shop. I figure that if I'm not making use of them then I should pass them on to someone who will. And in doing so I'll make some space to move in this place.

It would be nice to fetch something from a shelf without having to move something out of the way, or having to pick up something that got knocked off because I dislodged it from the over full shelf.

All too often I've accepted something because I didn't have it, then got it home and had to slot it in wherever it will fit because there's not really room for it. And all the while others are wanting it but are unwilling - or unable - to pay the price asked for the item. So, I'm clearing out the clutter that is my "stuff" and passing them on to people who want or need the items more than I do.

I'm sure the place will look better for the de cluttering. Not to mention the fact that I'll feel better for being able to get to the things I want to use, and being able to move without fear of knocking something off whatever flat surface I managed to find for it to go on.

OK, I think that will do for now. I might have written more, but I started this post a little while after my Mam and Dad went home and - due to loss of internet access - it's now gone midnight and I'm only just getting a chance to come finish it. Which, by the way, will explain why there may seem quite a gap in the difference between the time stamp on this post and the time it's actually showing up. I'm not entirely sure why the internet was down, it was just working one minute, not working the next. Then - poof - it was working again. *Shrugs* Anyway, I'm off to bed... Will check blogs later. After some sleep!



Celticspirit said...

It sure does sound like you had a very fulfilling day! We are getting rain here today and we truly need it. I hope it rains all day but that the temp goes up a bit since it's cold and that means icy rain.
I've never heard of a warden...well I have but only a prison one and I know you're not in prison. Can you tell me more about the warden thing? I don't really understand it.

Tori_z said...

A warden in the sense I mean is someone who comes around to visit disabled and/or elderly people in certain accomadations to check that they are OK, make sure there's nothing they need to help them with daily living, make sure the system in their home works, and that sort of thing.

The "system"is a buzzer thingy that's wired all around the flat so that there's a red cord in each room that I could pull if I need someone and nobody's home. I don't need it, but the council insist I do. They - and many other people and organizations - have a nasty habit of catagorizing disabled people all in one lump and assuming that if one disabled person needs something then they all do. Still, as long as they don't get annoyed when I accidentally pull a cord on my way past it (I've done it at least once) and as long as the warden keeps to our agreement of her not coming too early in the morning in case I'm actually having success with a lie in, then it's doing no harm. Going to have fun when I have kids though, because I expect they'll pull the cords to see what happens, and when they figure out that pulling the cord makes someone talk to them... Well, I'll be hard pressed to keep them away from it after that. But we'll deal with that issue when the time comes.

Anyway, the warden is bassically someone who comes to check on that system and the person whose home it's in to make sure all is well. Mine comes once a month or so, but with some people they come once a week. And with other places they actually live on site, but that's if it's a special block of flats or group of bungalows set aside for the elderly and/or disabled.

Does that help at all?

Intense Guy said...

I am glad you got a nice safe toilet seat from the warden. :)

I wonder how many more things you can manipulate them into doing such as this? Not saying you want to... just a mental game.

Sorry I missed this entry - Eleri got a very nice thank you note.

LadyStyx said...

Sounds like me lately, start reading blogs then *poof* I get sidetracked right in the middle of reading. It's taken me a good 30 minutes or more to read this one entry because I was doing laundry as well!

Tori_z said...

Apparently I can get them to have someone fix anything that would be a possible danger to me. And the more of a danger they consider it the faster it will get done.

Yeah, that happens a lot. Not as many times as it did the other day though... I've never taken quite that long to get through blogs. Even after being in hospital and then offline for about a week afterwards I caught up quicker than that!

ChicagoLady said...

I'm glad your warden was able to get someone out to fix the toilet seat so quickly. It's hard, even for seeing people, to sit on loose toilet seats.

Chocolate mice? I can see bears, but mice? LOL

It's great that you're getting rid of clutter. A lot of people seem to be doing that lately.

Tori_z said...

Yes, chocolate mice... Don't you have chocolate mice over there? We have white ones, brown ones and pink ones.

I've noticed a lot of people seem to be doing some de cluttering too. I think it's something about this time of year?