Friday, March 20, 2009

Furkid Friday: Daisy's birthday & Kero's week

Mam wanted my company in the car Friday evening and we decided to take Kero with us. So he got a car ride. I think it might have made him feel better, because my Mam's had a warmer reception from him since.

Saturday Kero and I spent half the afternoon upstairs with Eleri, Faye, Daisy and Mia, so Kero spent some time giving Eleri's flat a thorough sniffing. He seemed to enjoy it up there, and was quite interested in the different view being upstairs gave him (the windows face the same direction, but he had a different angle to view it from).

Sunday Kero and I didn't really do anything. It was Daisy's birthday though (she's 5) so we sent a rawhide shoe up for her. She was very pleased with it... She - like Kero - absolutely loves them. ;)

Monday was quite a quiet day, but Kero did something that I'm extremely proud of. I had to go talk to Eleri about something and Kelly was out paying the rent. I didn't want to leave it in case she went out, so I decided to chance leaving Kero for a few minutes. I was longer than I thought I'd be. But, I was very proud of my little man. Usually he goes nuts when I go anywhere, and he's never been happy to be on his own. This time, however, he ended up on his own for about ten minutes and was as good as gold. He didn't even bark (except for when I pressed Eleri's door bell) and I didn't come back to any "mess" or anything. He damn near knocked me back out of the door with how he jumped in to my arms when I came back in though. So, I gave him a treat and gave him LOADS of praise.

Tuesday Kero spent most of the day only with Kelly, because I was out shopping. Kelly says Kero spent most of the time I was gone barking. He was quite quiet after I got home though. I expect he tired himself out barking while I was out? Whether that's the case or not, Kero spent the rest of Tuesday curled up and fast asleep.

Wednesday Kero and I went up to my parents' place. Kero spent some time playing with Willow, then "trying" to play with Baby (Mam's cat). Baby and Kero have different ideas on how playing works though (Kero's used to how our cats used to let him pull them around). So that didn't work too well. Luckily Baby had the sense to go where Kero couldn't get to her. He really did try though. Anyway, after a bit he gave up and had a nap until he realised Mam was dishing up a chicken roast dinner for us all (even the dogs got some chicken, lol). Mam and I did consider taking the dogs to the park - since it was a beautiful day - but we didn't end up doing it, and I just came home after dinner.

Thursday (yesterday) was another quiet day. Kero spent most of it in the garden enjoying the sunshine.

Which brings us to today. Not much has happened so far today. Will be taking Kero for a walk in a bit, but that's the only plan I have today involving Kero. If anything else Kero related happens today I'll post it in next week's furkid Friday.



Intense Guy said...

Sounds like Kero is keeping almost as busy as you are!

He must of enjoyed the "sniffing" trip upstairs and trying to play with the cat. LOL!

Celticspirit said...

Kero is such a lucky little furkid. :) So young lady....when are you going to knit Kero a sweater? You don't want him to feel left out do you?
I like reading about the adventures of Kero.

MarmiteToasty said...

Kero is one special little dog.... as are you, special that is, not a dog LOL


Jayde_Bramblerose said...

i recon kero must have tired himself out with all that barking while you were out, i mean after all he says his mummy isnt supposed to go out without her little furkid with her, :).

LadyStyx said...

That would be a good project, a furkid sized sweater for this coming winter....and maybe a matching blanket for inside. :)

Tori_z said...

He certainly seemed to enjoy himself. :)

Kero's got a sweater that he had for Christmas... He doesn't like to wear it. He'll happily wear bandannas and scarves, and - of course - his coat (though he only wears that because he doesn't like to be wet). But he doesn't do sweaters.

LOL! I'm glad you added that bit about me not being a dog. Though, some people do say I'm a b*tch.... Especially if I'm tired. ;)

That's right... Humans aren't allowed to go anywhere without furkids. At least, that's the oppinion of the furkids.

The sweater would be a waste of time because he wouldn't wear it. I might make him a blanket though. In fact, I probably will. :)

Punkn said...

Kero is so spoiled! But then most dogs are...

Tori_z said...

True, Punkn. ;)