Sunday, December 11, 2011

Attempts at reposting yesterday's photos

I've tried twice to repost the photos that were in yesterday's post. I'm not sure what's wrong with them. The first time I had Kelly check them and they were the same as in the post from yesterday. The second time Blogger wouldn't even add them to the post; just kept giving me error messages. Maybe something happened to the photos while they were travelling through cyberspace after Iggy sorted them for me? *Shrugs*


That corgi :) said...

I'm blaming it on Blogger; they have been messing around with things, I don't get half of the updates of people when they have a new blog entry on my Dashboard or I get them days later. So I'm sure this is a Blogger problem! Thanks for your efforts though, Tori, to try to get them to post!

have a good day!


Toriz said...

I'm pretty persistant. :)

I have another plan; will try it in a few minutes and "hopefully" it will work!

Rita said...

I'm too ignorant about such things. No help at all. ;) But don't worry yourself too much about it.

Intense Guy said...

Persistent... Yes, that's a good word...


Toriz said...

*Smiles at Iggy*

I'm no computer genius myself, but it sounds like a logical theory.