Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Plans for Yule 2011 (FD)

For those who are interested, here's the plan for our Yule celebrations:

We're kicking things off tonight with roasted chestnuts, mince pies and cocoa.

Tomorrow we'll exchange our first present from each other, we have a present for each other and something from Kero for each of us for each of the five days we're exchanging presents, so for each present exchange where I say "from each other" I mean the present from Kero too; so two presents each for Kelly and I, and a present for Kero. Anyway, we'll be doing some baking (mince pies, and three different types of cookies). I'll also be doing a ritual to banish negative energies from the home (which I'll tell you more about afterwards).

Thursday we'll exchange our second present from each other, and we have a day of crafting planned (that's when we'll make our holiday ornament(s); we'll also do any other crafts we feel like doing). Also, I have a meditation ritual planned for that evening.

Friday we'll exchange our third present from each other, then we have a day of gaming planned; I'll tell you what we play afterwards. We're thinking we'll have a roleplaying session though. In the evening I plan to read a book called "A Treasury Of Christmas Tales" which has a variety of short holiday stories such as "The Nutcracker" and "The Little Match Girl" and a short version of "A Christmas Carol" in it; I brought it a few years ago, and I love it, and think it's a perfect addition to the holidays. I got my brother a copy last year; he loves it too!

Saturday we'll exchange another present from each other, then we're spending the day watching holiday movies. And after the stockings are laid out for "Santa" to fill them, I'll be reading the two short Christmas stories I love to read Christmas Eve; "The Bear Father Christmas Forgot" and "A Candle In The Forest"

Sunday we'll have our stockings and present from "Santa" then exchange the final present we have for each other, plus we'll have any presents we have from family and friends that day. Then we'll be on the phone on and off all day talking to family members; I've scheduled times to call most of them so our phonecalls don't interrupt their holiday plans. Then, in the evening, we'll do the prep work for the holiday feast we'll be cooking the next day.

Monday we'll be cooking and enjoying our holiday feast. Since I'm a vegetarian and Kelly isn't, and we have different food preferences, we'll be making different things for each of us; chicken and vegetable pie and some glazed ham for Kelly, and a cranberry nut roast with roast potatoes, roast parsnips, sprouts, carrots and peas for me. Plus I'm making wassail, and we have some snacks (crisps - as in potato chips - and nuts and things) to pick at. Also, we'll have leftover cookies and mince pies from the baking I'm doing tomorrow, so it should be quite a feast!

Also, every night through the holidays we'll be lighting two holiday candles we have for a little while; one is a "mulled wine" scented one that my Mam got us last year, the other is a "cinnamon" scented one that was among the things I got from Susan recently.

And, of course, there will be lots of cocoa drinking and holiday music playing throughout all the above mentioned activities... Although, no holiday music playing while we watch the movies, of course; though I expect there will be plenty of cocoa drinking! ;)

So, there you go, that's what we'll be up to. What about you?


Rita said...

Oh my! That sounds so cool! You have days and days of celebration! I may or may not be playing around with some craft or art project or writing letters...nothing unusual. Probably make a few phone calls. In the evening Karma and I will just be watching Christmas movies and specials. If I haven't succumbed to temptation we will open our presents from you guys Christmas Eve night (that was traditional for my family). Pretty quiet compared to all your plans. Oh, and I may have some hot chocolate, too. But it will definitely be a wonderful Christmas. I hope it will be white, but that doesn't look promising so far.

Toriz said...

Your plans sound nice too! :)

Anonymous said...

These are so great! You've got some really fun traditions going. I especially like the baking, but that should be a big fat "duh". ;)

I'll probably be updating through the next couple weeks with our festivities, but they're by no means organized nor planned, so I'm excited to hear how yours turns out!

Have a wonderful holiday season, Tori, and a very blessed Yule!

Intense Guy said...

You have such a pleasant week planned! I hope it all goes well!

I will be heading over to my parents place for the weekend. It will be a quiet Christmas this year as the married brothers will be with 'her family' - one as far away as Florida.

I will go with my parents to their Church's Christmas eve service - it is always nice - just music and candle light.

I might see the reenactment of George Washington and his troops crossing the Delaware River to surprise the British (actually the Germans) in Trenton, NJ.

We might have a touch of snow Christmas morning - if so, that will be plenty. :)

Queenie Jeannie said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful plan in place!! I love how you stretch out the holiday. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE roasted chestnuts! Since being in Europe, I seek them out at every festival and market. They charge a crazy amount for them, but I pay it anyway, lol!

Enjoy your plans and your cocoa!!!

AliceKay said...

Sounds like you have some great plans for celebrating Yule. I hope you and Kelly and Kero enjoy every minute of them. :)

We'll be going to Mass on Christmas Eve, and then we'll be going to Karen and Ray's house for dinner on Christmas day. Should be fun with Ryan and the presents we bought for him this year. :)

(i still need to find time to decorate our Christmas tree)

Toriz said...

You like baking? Really? I never would have guessed! LMAO! *Winks*

I like having at least basic plans. I'm not one of those who can't cope if things change, but I like having a rough plan to work from; even if it changes a bit as we go through it. After the holidays are over I'll send Iggy all my photos to sort, and when he's sorted them I'll do a post to tell you - and anyone else who's interested - how things went. :)

I hope your holidays are going well.

Thanks; so far so good... Been taking lots of photos for you. ;)

That sounds nice; and there's nothing wrong with a quiet Christmas! :)

Thanks; we decided to stretchh things out to fit more in, and also because it seems a shame to have all that hype just for one day. Plus the fact we want to include the Winter Solstice in our celebrations while not turning our backs on the traditional "Santa" routine I've always done Christmas Eve. This is our first year doing it exactly like this though; until this year we did something small on the Winter Solstice then celebrated Christmas Day like the rest of the family. But we decided to tweak things this year, and we're having fun doing it!

Some things are just worth paying extra for! ;)

Thanks; we are so far! :)

Sounds nice; I'm sure Ryan makes the holidays very exciting for you. Has he learned about Santa yet?

I'm sure the tree wont mind if it doesn't get decorated properly. :)

Connie Mitan said...

Sounds like a wonderful holiday season! Thanks for sharing!