Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Weather, laptops, mobility and daycare

It's been really cold here lately; Kero has the right idea...

...I've spent a lot of time curled up in blankets myself, LOL!

We had a little snow Friday, but between the fact the ground was so wet from rain and the day became warm, it didn't stick around even long enough for me to grab photos. It's a start, I guess... I want more though; anyone want to send me some? LOL!

We've had plenty of thick frost though, and - like I said - it's very cold!


My laptop has developed a dodgy connection to its power supply, and since the battery no longer holds any kind of charge this means that sometimes my laptop just suddenly turns off without warning; very annoying, since it usually happens when I'm in the middle of something. Avoiding moving it reduces the chances, but that's still no guarantee, since the position it needs seems to change from time to time, and sometimes the slightest movement makes it lose its connection, other times it can be moved just fine. Like I said, it's all very annoying!


Mobility lessons are going well; I did part of the walk "technically" by myself yesterday. There was a scary moment where a monster with twig-like arms grabbed me, but it all worked out OK in the end; once the tree was done getting its hug. My Mobility officer was sort of nearby, but acting like just a casual observer, since she knows I know the route already; we both know it's only my monsters that stop me doing it. Well, that and the slight problem of my not being able to find the gate very easily; but I'm even getting better at that... Doorway counting seems to be working reasonably well. Though, I have to admit that it's easier when Kero's at home, because as soon as I get near enough to the gate that he can see me he goes mental, so I just have to follow his barks, LOL!


Kero was meant to go to doggy daycare on Saturday; he's not going there again. To cut a long story short, there was nobody around, and when I called I was told we should have walked in the other gate (which we'd been told not to use) and looked for them in the workshop (which I didn't know they had). They also made it perfectly clear that they were too busy to spare me much time, and when I suggested it was easier to cancel then, the reply was a rather sharp, "fine," followed by, "bye," and the line going dead. To say I was annoyed is an understatement.

For one thing, if you make a commitment to a customer, you should keep to it; busy or not. For another, she knew I was blind, and iff I'd taken Kero by myself how could I have gone down there looking for her? For another, she knew we'd have a taxi waiting so no time to mess about. Not to mention the fact my confidence in her took a bit of a battering with how we had to reschedule what was meant to have been my birthday day out because she'd neglected to get someone in to have Kero while she walked her dogs, so she only had him for his grooming (so for a little over an hour) instead of for the whole day. Plus the fact it took us much longer than it should have to get his collar back (while he was trembling with fear and getting upset because he hates not having it on). I tried giving her the benifit of the doubt last time, but after this time... *Shakes head*... Kero's not going back there. I'll find him another groomer, and find someone else who does doggy daycare or something.

She seemed like a nice enough person, which is why I was giving her the benifit of the doubt last time; but you can't just go by if someone is "nice" sometimes. Sometimes you need them to also be professional, and she doesn't seem to be, which means I don't feel comfortable trusting her with Kero.


That will do for today; besides, I've already done a post earlier this morning about my actual plans for Yule this year, so you have enough to read for today, I think.

Stay safe and warm!


Rita said...

Kero looks quite snuggled in! :)

I most definitely wouldn't take Kero back there. NO way! There's bound to be another perfect place for him for grooming and doggie daycare. You don't need to deal with anybody that insensitive and rude.

I hope you get snow before Christmas. Us, too! :) And good luck with the laptop!

Toriz said...

We got a few cards from the pet shop where we got his calming treats, so we're bound to find someone else for him.

I hope you get snow too (unless it's at the expense of me getting snow, because you can't have my share, LOL!)

Furry Bottoms said...

Ugh, that was lousy customer service!! There is always supposed to be somebody manning the front desk or the entrance, whatever... I wouldn't take Kero there either. If this is how they treat humans, how do they REALLY treat the animals?

Deanna said...

Kero definitely has the right idea. It is a shame that to doggy day care lady did not work out. Hopefully you will find someone reliable soon.

It sounds like you are making great progress on the mobility lessons. Just think how wonderful it will to be out and about when Spring comes!

Queenie Jeannie said...

Kero looks adorable!! I'm so sorry your groomer turned out to be such a flake. That is very disheartening!!!

Stay warm!!!

Intense Guy said...

I totally agree with Furry Bottoms!

And congrats on your first walk alone!! That tree monster was a bit aggressive but meant no harm. I hope you find your doorway with and without Kero's help - I mean, he might someday be lost in doggy dreamland on the sofa while you are out and not see your shadow at the window (no chance of that huh!)

AliceKay said...

Sorry to hear about your laptop. It's never fun when you have something that's not working properly when you want it to.

It sounds like your mobility lessons are going very well. Pretty soon you won't even be thinking about those monsters. They will all be in the past.

I wouldn't take Kero to that place either. Very unprofessional. It's a wonder she has any kind of business with that attitude.

Will read your other post now. ;)

Toriz said...

*Nods* Exactly!

There's bound to be someone reliable around somewhere. And, yes, Kero has the right idea! :)

I'm really looking forward to that; I think Kero's excited about the idea of me being able to take him out on my own too!

Yes, it is; we're bound to find someone else though... Someone better!

You stay warm too! :)

I think the chances of Kero not being awake to bark when I come near home are extremely slim. LOL!

I hope so (about the monsters).

And, I agree (about the doggy daycare lady).