Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thank you, thank you, and thank you again Susan!

A few months ago, I was picked to be one of the 5 follower winners in the giveaway that Susan did when she did her "fanciful twists mad tea party". There was a moment where I thought she'd have to pick someone else, because for some reason my e-mails weren't getting through to her... we never did figure out why (after a few days though, I got a message saying there were errors and the messages couldn't be delivered, which we'd already figured out by then... Stupid e-mail delivery system). But we got there in the end, and I was able to claim my spot as one of the winners... YAY!

Then, just as she was about to send my package, we got the word we'd be moving soon, so I asked her to wait so I could be sure not to miss the package in the move. Moving took longer than planned, but eventually we were moved, and I was finally able to give Susan the go-ahead to send my package. So, as soon as she was able to do so, she sent it. My "small token gift" arrived last week, but I'm sorry to say that it took me until yesterday to send Iggy the photos to sort out, which is why it's taken me so long to sort this post.

Anyway... How it's grown!

My original prize contained the following:

*Knitting stitch markers
*Card kit
*Note cards
*Snow writer

But Susan said she'd put a few extra things in there for me.

A few? OMG! Look at all this stuff...

Susan was beyond generous with this package; I swear she couldn't have gotten more in there if she tried! In fact, how she fit it all in there is beyond me!

There are so many wonderful goodies that I didn't know what to investigate first when I opened the package! And I can't begin to list all the things in there; there are things for all the crafts I told her I do... Things I can use for card making, bits of fabric I can use for sewing projects, and so many more wonderful things that if I listted them all you'd be here for ages reading this post!

There was a beautiful Christmas card and note in there too; I forgot to get a photo of the Christmas card, but it's up with the others I've had so far so I will get a photo of it some time in the next week or so... Ready for the cards to be included in my holiday post that I usually do after the holidays are over each year.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, and thank you again Susan; you're a very generous person, and I'm so glad we met! :)


Rita said...

Congratulations, Tori!! Really nice gifts!! :):)

That corgi :) said...

That looks like a great giveaway to win! It was worth the wait to get it I am sure! Enjoy exploring all the goodies!


Intense Guy said...

Wow! So all that wonderful stuff was sent to you by Susan as a "giveaway" package!? That is so cool - and she was really nice - with all the hiccups to endure getting them to you!

I look forward to seeing what you create with these goodies!

Toriz said...

Thanks; yes, really nice! :)

Thanks; yes, it was a great giveaway to win, and the package was well worth the wait! :)

*Nods* Yep! And, yes, she was great to be so patient with all the hiccups in getting it to me! :)

Susan said...

aww Tori, you are sweet! You are making blush :)
After it already went postal, I was like shoot, I should have tried to put this in there and that in there. but you are correct, the package was WAAAY pregnant, and I probably couldn't fit anymore in there. LOL

I am just happy that you like all the stuff and can use it!
Love n light,

Toriz said...

All that stuff and you almost added more? WOW!

Thanks again! :)

Parsley said...

Wow..what fun gifties! Congrats. Nothing like getting some happy mail.

Toriz said...

Thanks; and I agree! :)

AliceKay said...

Congratulations! That must have been a full package! Susan was indeed very generous. :) Have fun with your winnings!