Sunday, December 04, 2011

Cards, cooking, beds and birthdays (FD)

I made a couple more holiday cards; I was short a couple for how many I wanted to send. Anyway, here are the two most recent cards I've made:

On the subject of cards and such for the holidays...

Last week we got most of the items sent out that I'm sending. There are a few things we haven't yet (which we're hoping to send tomorrow), but for the most part if I send to you then you should be getting post from me soon. How soon will depend on several things, but I'm hoping I've sent things early enough that everyone the other side of the world will get their stuff before the holidays, but late enough that nothing arrives before it's actually time to start holiday celebrations and such.


I wanted a pizza yesterday, so I made one:

This was my first time making a pizza completely from scratch. It was a very tasty pizza, if I do say so myself! Also, it was filling enough that I ended up having leftover pizza for today's dinner. So not only was it minus all the greasy oils that cover take-away pizzas, but I only had half of it each of the two days (actually, a little less... Kero had some too).


Never underestimate the joys of having a bed!

I'm not even half joking here!

Our old bed wasn't in great shape; we got it second hand about two years ago, and it was looking very battered. So we decided we wouldn't take it when we moved, and when moving looked to be happening soon, we arranged for it to be disposed of, thinking we'd spend a week or so without one at the old place, then maybe a couple of weeks at most without one when we moved. We had blow-up matresses though, so no big deal; we could handle two or three weeks on those.

But first the moving dragged out, and it took a month to sort it out, so we spent about a month without a bed before we moved. By this point sleeping on blow-up matresses was losing its appeal, but the bed was gone, and until we moved there would be no new bed for us, and we would have to continue with the blow-up matresses.

Then we moved, and it took us ages to sort things out because people in high places don't communicate. But, finally, everything was sorted and we ordered our bed.

We ended up spending close to three months with blow-up matresses, so when we finally knew the bed was coming it was as though my birthday was coming all over again!

It arrived on Wednesday; I've never been so glad to see a bed in my entire life!

Here it is:

It's nothing fancy, but it's our bed, and we get to sleep in it!

Oh the joys of having a bed!

My side of the bed is the side with the cone nearby; it's one of the Conas brothers... Iggy sent him to meet me, and he came with us when we moved. He has a thing for hanging around near money boxes; my Charlie And Lola money box is near him (not sure if you'll be able to see it though).


November 29th was the birthday of one of my friends named Tom (the one who has Lucy).
November 29th was also Kati and her husband Scott's 14th wedding anniversary.
November 30th was Shireen (one of my Mam's Goddaughter)'s 13th birthday.
December 1st was Betty's little dog, Koda's 7th birthday.
And today (December 4th) is my Grandad's 77th birthday.

So... Happy belated anniversary Kati and Scott, happy belated birthday to Tom, Shireen and Koda, and happy birthday Grandad!

It will most likely only be Betty and Koda who see this though; Kati isn't around the blogs these days (though she's on Facebook; I miss her blog posts though), and Tom, Shireen and Grandad use Facebook but not blogs; there was a time Shireen read my blog, but I don't think she bothers to do so these days.


I have just one more thing I want to say today...

Christmas day is exactly three weeks away!


Rita said...

Your pizza looks really tasty! Love to reach out and have a slice. ;)

I was homeless one summer when I was young and slept on the ground in the park or on the bare floor of people's apartments. No air mattress. It was a long summer. I have never lost my appreciation of having a roof over your head and a bed to sleep in and a place to shower and keep your things. Never. ;)

Big congrats on your new bed. I could see the little orange cone on the left side of the bed there. This ought to help with the sleeping better, too!! Whoohoo!! :):)

Toriz said...

Glad the pizza looks that tasty! :)

Trust me, I was greatfuul for having the blow-up bed and having a roof over our heads; especially on the wetter days!

Iggy told me the cone could be seen... I wasn't sure if the money box could though.

AliceKay said...

Your pizza looks good. I love pizza. Karen and I went to Dino's Pizza at the mall near Williamsport for lunch Monday and had some of the best pizza around. Ryan loved it, too. :)

I'm glad you and Kelly have a bed again. I can't imagine sleeping on air mattresses all this time. I know I couldn't.

Happy birthday, or anniversary wishes as the case may be, going out to your family and friends. Lots of celebrations going on there.

Christmas is when?????? LOL

That corgi :) said...

Thanks Tori for the birthday wishes here on your blog for Koda! That was so sweet of you! Happy birthday or anniversary to all the others on your list!

I like your new bed! You two were troopers to go that long without one! I can see it getting old very quickly to deal with the air mattresses. I'm sure you will sleep so much more better too back in a regular bed!

Your pizza looked delicious! Nothing better than a homemade one!

Cute cards too!! Seems like you are getting ready for the holiday!


Deanna said...

Kudos on an awesome looking pizza. I'll bet it tasted every bit as good as it looks.

I would be doomed if I had to sleep on an air mattress for three months! These old bones just would not handle it. Congrats on getting a bed! I'm sure you are going to sleep much, much better.

Intense Guy said...

Hurrah for a bed!!!! and complete with a Cone Sentinel!!

The pizza looks yummy! You gonna open up a shop? Smiles.

Toriz said...

I love pizza too! :)

Christmas is coming up fast... Are you ready for it?

You're welcome; couldn't leave Koda ouut since I knew when his birthday was by the time I was doing this post! :)

Absolutely; the idea of sleeping on the blow-up bed was fun... Until we'd been doing it for a month. LOL!

Homemade things always taste best, I think!

Yes, definately getting ready; finally have the decorations up now too (they went up today).

Thanks; it sure did!

I think it was probably tougher on Kelly than me; he has pins in his knee from an old injury, so his leg's quite painful from having to get up off a blow-up matress for so long. If I'm relieved to have a bed, I bet it's nothing to how he's feeling!

Yep; he watches over us with his bead... Er, beady... Eyes. ;)

Thanks. No; I'd end up eating more than I sold, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Yummmmm... mind if I have some pizza? That looks amazing! I love the gratuitous amount of cheese. :D

And YAY for new beds!! I remember when Matt and I got ours -- he had a double before that, and I had a futon that was hard as a rock. To have something comfy to sleep in was HEAVENLY, I won't lie. SO glad you're getting a great night's sleep now!

Queenie Jeannie said...

I so know what you mean!! We were without our super comfy bed for a couple of months, and I nearly cried when the movers finally arrived and set it up!!!!!


Queenie Jeannie said...


And thank you so much for the lovely Christmas card! It arrived yesterday and it was my first of the season!!

Toriz said...

Help yourself! :)

Funny how you appreciate something more when you've had to do without it, isn't it?

I know the feeling!

Glad the card got there safely! :)