Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Those Darn Squirrels

Iggy recently had an amusing little book brought for him. The book was "Those Darn Squirrels!" and it was written by Adam Rubin.

The book tells the story of Old Man Fookwire; he is a grump. The only thing he likes to do is paint pictures of the birds that visit his backyard. In an attempt to stop them flying South for the Winter he sets up bird feeders in his garden. But the squirrels like the bird feeders too. Except that Old Man Fookwire doesn't like the squirrels, and definately doesn't want them eating the things he put out to tempt the birds in to staying in his garden instead of flying South for the Winter.

I wont tell you what happens next, but I will tell you this:

When Iggy mentioned the book I thought it sounded like an amusing little book, and I wanted to read it. So when I recently found audio clips of Iggy reading the book waiting for me in my inbox I was really pleased. And now that I've read it I still think it's an amusing little book. I also think it's a cute story, and a great little book to put a smile on your face.


Rita said...

It is soooo cute!! And I wish you could see the illustrations, Tori, because they make it ever sillier. The man has a small head, a big nose, and a long, long, long neck. The squirrels are tall with huge bellies. The birds are distorted and silly, but cute. It is an absolute delight. Especially if you know a squirrel hater--LOL!

I decided that man dad, the squirrel hater, would never pass the book on (but I do want him to see it). After my folks visit this summer I am sending it on to my best friend, Ruby, who is dying to read it. Her hubby fights the squirrels, too. And Ruby will pay it forward and send it on to someone else she knows would love it and pass it along. I love the idea of the book making it all over the place to different people. :)

Iggy was such a sweetie to send it to me. And that he read it to you himself--priceless!! He is a treasure!! :):)

Deanna said...

Now that is quite a present. Leave it to Iggy to think of that. It sounds like such a cute book.

Intense Guy said...


I'm glad you enjoy the "tail" :)

Toriz said...

Thanks for the picture descriptions. :)

That's cool about the book going all over the place like that!

Yes, he is... He's a great friend! :)

*Nods in agreement*

Thank you again! :)


Queenie Jeannie said...

That Iggy is one amazingly special man!!! What a wonderful surprise for you!

AliceKay said...

Ditto what everyone else has said. :)

Toriz said...

*Nods in agreement with Jeannie and AK*