Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A birthday, some bad weather, and mobility lessons

It's Nikki's birthday today; happy birthday Nikki! :)


The weather was very nasty yesterday and last night; extremely bad winds (bad enough that several trees are now minus their branches around here) and a lot of hail. It's calmed down some now - just a bit of rain on and off - but it's meant to start back up again later. We're meant to have this kind of weather on and off all week.

I told my mobility officer when we first started the lessons a few weeks back that I didn't mind going out in bad weather. When she came today she asked if I would have called and cancelled if that weather had continued. She sounded relieved when I said I would have; I think she thought I'd have been happy to go out in that weather for a mobility lesson. I added that, "though I'm happy to go out in any weather, there are limits to the kind of weather I would intentionally spend an hour outside in," and at that point she didn't even bother trying to hide her relief. LOL!

Lessons are going pretty well; she's impressed with my memory for the route, and also with the fact that even with the rather nasty wind we had last week I was able to accurately tell her when the road was or wasn't clear (which wasn't easy, let me tell you). There are a few things I need to do to brushh up on cane skills (like the fact I either don't bring the cane around enough to cover my left side - because of being so used to having Kero or someone on that side - or do it too far, which isn't good for anyone trying to pass me, and is painful for my arm after a bit) but for the most part if we could just get me to the point where I can find my gate then I would be able to do the walk myself; well, in theory... Monsters permitting! I did "sort of" find the gate myself today, but it was with a little bit of prompting from her with landmarks, hence just "sort of" on my own.


I'm tired, so this will do for today; stay safe and warm!


Furry Bottoms said...

Thank you for the birthday wishes! :)

Does Kero accompany you during your mobility lessons?

Intense Guy said...

Happy Birthday to Nikki!

Sounds like you are making encouraging progress with the mobility officer - do you discuss the monsters and other things that might upset you with her?

AliceKay said...

Happy Birthday, Nikki!

Sounds like some nasty weather has been hitting your area. Be careful out there.

It also sounds like your mobility officer is working out well for you. I hope things continue on the forward path. I was thinking like Iggy was thinking...have you talked about the "monsters" with your mobility officer?

AlphaBetsy said...

The weather sounds atrocious. Take care of yourself in the crazy. :)

Rita said...

Happy birthday, Nikki!

I can see and there's weather I would never voluntarily go walking in--LOL! Sounds like you are making progress with the walking.

Did you tell her about Kero almost getting run over? Maybe she'd give you some advice as to how hard to beat your cane on the dumb people's cars!! Just kidding. But that's what I would have felt like doing!! ;)

That corgi :) said...

Happy birthday Nikki! I like your attitude, Tori, to go out even in mild bad weather for lessons! Its kind of like knowing what the elements are and just trying to work with what you have!


Toriz said...

You're very welcome! :)

No, Kero stays home with Kelly during the lessons; he'd be too much of a distraction.

*Nods* Yes, I told her about the monsters, so she sometimes goes quiet and sneakily changes position to get me used to "something" being around that I have to figure out where it is while I know she's still there, and says she wont make me do the walk without her until I'm sure I'm ready to. I noticed yesterday she was walking a few paces further back for part of the walk too.

Don't worry, I'm being careful out there! :)

*Nods* I have; see the [part of my comment directed at Iggy for more (because I can't be bothered to type it again, LOL!)

Thanks; will do! :)

LOL; fair point!

That's what I felt like doing too; and, yes, I told her. She said I did the right thing to be listening well enough that I was able to pull myself and Kero backwards out of harms way, and that some people don't look even when they can. She also asked if they were drunk or something, since that always brings out reckless behaviour in people. And she didn't blame me for wanting to repeatedly smash my cane on their car, but thinks it's probably for the best that I didn't... I think she's right there, LOL!

I'm used to Wales; if you wont go out in rain in Wales then you wont be out much at all. There are limitations to what I'd go out in for a long time (my lesson is an hour, so I'd be outside for at least most of that hour) but if it was to run errands or whatever I'd go out in most weathers. Doesn't bother me as long as I'm dressed right for whatever kind of weather it is.