Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Mid-week mutterings

Mam and Dad came for dinner today, and Mam made the "sausage, egg and bacon pie" she makes that I absolutely adore! She made it with minted new potatoes, and baked beans. And it was delicious!

While dinner was cooking, and after dinner (before they left) Mam and I got some more of my CDs labeled, since we can carry on now we have the new labeling machine. LOL! We're getting through them nicely - same goes for the movies - but I "REALLY" can't wait for them all to be done. For one thing, it would be nice to be able to look for a CD I fancy playing, find it, and put it on without having to have someone find it for me (same goes for DVDs and videos). For another thing, it would be nice to know everything's sorted out and in its place.

Speaking of sorting stuff out...

Mam couldn't finish the garden today because it's too wet. We've had rain all day (and on and off Monday and Tuesday). This weekend is her weekend staying over though, so "hopefully" the sun will come back for her to finish the job.

In a couple of weeks time, I'm going to go with Mam and get the other bits and pieces we need to finish inside, and the stuff we need to do the fencing in the garden. All being well, most - if not all - the stuff should be done before we go to Carl and Rachel's wedding in about six weeks time. Any that's not can then be finished when we get home. So, we're definately still on track for our goal of being finished before Mam starts her cooking course in September. :)


I finished reading "Flat Stanley" by Jeff Brown last night. It's not a very long book, and I couldn't sleep, so... *Shrugs*... I can't think of anything better to do when you can't sleep, can you? Anyway, the book - for those who don't know - is about a boy named "Stanley Lambchop" and the things that happen to him after a bulletin board falls on him, and he becomes flat. It's an interesting, and - in places - funny childrens' story. Yeah, I know I'm not exactly a child any more, but I love my "childrens' stories" and probably always will. And, this story was no exception. :)

On the subject of books...

As I mentioned about a week and a half ago, Mam is reading "Charlotte's Web" to me. She read some more today, before she went home. We're about half way through it now. I expect we'll get some more read over the weekend (especially if the promised sun doesn't show up).

I think that covers everything for today. So... Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)



whimsical brainpan said...

I don't think you ever get too old for a good "childrens' books".

38 going on 39 and I still read them from time to time.

Intense Guy said...

I'm even reading some of my old Hardy Boys books. LOL.

Charlotte's Web is a classic and a great story! Clever lil' spider.

Tori_z said...

Welcome to my blog. :)

That's how I feel about childrens' books too... You're never too old to enjoy them! It's just that some people - unfortunately - disagree on that point. Oh, well, it's them who miss out. :)

I know the story, habving seen the animated version of the movie several times growing up, and the new movie a good two or three times at least. But, do you know this is actually my first time "reading" the book? (Yeah, I know it's not "technically" me doing the reading, but still...)

LadyStyx said...

I love a good children's story too. Charlotte Web is one of my favs. I also enjoy the Black Stallion series, Secret Garden, most of Maguerite Henry's stuff is really nice too... I was really partial to the horse stories growing up. I read Gypsy and Nimblefoot quite frequently as well as Fury and the White Mare. Im looking to add all of those to my library again someday.

Tori_z said...

I'm quite partial to a horse story too. My Mam still has most of the ones I had growing up. And I have an audio version of "The Secret Garden" that I had last Christmas.

I do enjoy stories where I can put myself in the character's place and imagine the things happening to me. I've got to say though, the more far-fetched the story, the more I'll enjoy it. For example... Though I really enjoy The Secret Garden, I enjoy the Harry Potter books more.

LadyStyx said...