Wednesday, July 02, 2008

More on the eye appointment,and my week so far

Quick warning for you... This is probably going to be a long post, so you might want to grab a cuppa. There's also a few food related parts, so if you're one of those people who get hungry when reading about food then you might want to grab a bite to eat too. LOL! I have tried to keep things short for you though. :)


You all seem under the impression it was only my eye appointment that tired me out on Monday. It wasn't. For one thing I was already tired due to lack of sleep. For another thing I did a lot more than just going to my eye appointment on Monday. Before I go in to the rest of the day though, I thought I'd give you a bit more info on the eye appointment.


We got there a few minutes before my appointment expecting the hour (at least) wait we usually have. Didn't happen though! We'd pretty much just sat down when we got called by a nurse who intended doing one of those tests where you've got to see what letters you can see from that lit up board thingy... You know what I mean? So we walk in the room and a slightly embarrassed nurse asks if there's any point in us doing this (I think it was when I walked in holding my Mam's arm with one hand and my cane with the other she realised). Shows how well they read the notes before hand, eh? Anyway, we told her there wasn't and she told us to take a seat back in the waiting room. We just sat down when the actual doctor was ready for us. I've never been seen so quickly in my life! Well, that I can remember anyway.

The doctor was one of the ones I've seen on and off since I was about a week old. I swear the people in that hospital (the eye department of it anyway) know me better than the wizarding world knows Harry Potter! I actually mentioned this to one of the nurses while we were waiting for the surgeon and she laughed and said she thinks I might be right. We both agreed though that Harry was famous for something a lot nicer than I was.


The doctor looked in my eye, shone lights in it, etc (to see what - if anything - I can see) then asked if I was still sure I wanted it out. I said I was sure so he sent for the surgeon. While the nurse went to ask him to come see me, the doctor asked if I knew what had been done with my other eye when that one came out. I told him what I could remember and he said they'd probably do the same thing again.

The surgeon (who seems really nice btw) came in, started looking in my eye again, announced that he was happy to do the op, agreed that he would in fact be doing the same thing as was done with my other eye and told me more about how it's gonna work. I knew it already, but they have to say it all, don't they?

For those interested...

The op only takes about an hour. I'll be going in one day and "should" come home the next day (as long as I'm well enough). What they do is scoop out the eye - leaving some of the bits around the edge - then put something (they gave it a medical name that I can't remember) in the hole they've made to make it so the eye moves and - to a certain extent - acts like a working eye. The difference being you can't see out of it. I think it's a bit of coral they use. I know that's what was used in the other one anyway.

Like I said Monday... It's going to be a good few weeks before I can have it done though because the surgeon is "very busy this time of year." Mam and I wondered if a holiday had anything to do with it. Not that we could do anything if it did. Would be interesting to know though.


As we were leaving the hospital (we'd literally just walked out of the door) an elderly woman had a nasty fall. We're not sure if she fainted and fell and then hit her head, or if she tripped and fell and then hit her head. All we know is she fell and Mam ran to get someone while another woman who had also just walked out of the hospital tried to get some kind of response from her. We know she came around pretty quickly, but we couldn't hang around to find out if she was badly hurt. We just waited to make sure she was being cared for then left. Hope she was OK.

After that we went to Tesco and did a bit of shopping. Mam and Dad do their weekly shop on a Monday so they needed a fair few things, I just needed a couple of bits though. I hate shopping for food. It's SO BORING!!!

When we were done in Tesco we went to B&Q to get the curtain poles for the spare room and the living room. We've been meaning to for a while but never seemed to get around to it. We've got them now though.

Then we went to a couple of clothes shops because I needed a few things (like some new trousers) and Mam... Well... She just likes looking in clothes shops. I got myself 2 new pairs of trousers and I got some socks for Kelly and didn't even spend £10 (£10 is about $20 US).

On our way home we (Mam, Dad and I) had an ice-cream. A Mr Whippy ice-cream! And man was it good!!! :)

I'd left home a little after 1:30 pm and it was somewhere between 6:00 pm and 6:30 pm when I got home. By that time I was VERY tired. I just had something to eat, did that quick blog I did on Monday and went to bed.

Just a shame I didn't sleep much even with how tired I was (and still am).

Tuesday (yesterday) I didn't do much. I didn't feel like doing much. I did make several attempts at getting some sleep, but it wasn't working too well. I got quite a bit of the Harry Potter book I'm listening to listened to though. I'm about 3/4 of the way through it now.

Kelly couldn't go shopping (long story... Not going in to detail) so Mam ran some errands for us yesterday. So, thanks for that Mam. :)

The only other thing I have to say about yesterday is that it was Canada day and Kelly's Granma's birthday. So belated happy Canada day to everyone, and belated happy birthday to Kelly's Granma. Not sure how old Kelly's Granma was, but apparently Canada is now 141 years old. :)

As for today...

A package arrived this morning that I've been waiting almost six weeks for. It's a couple of games I REALLY wanted that I can no longer get over here so had to order them from somewhere in Canada (at least, I think that's where the company is based).


My Mam and Dad were down for the afternoon (as usual) and my Dad made a start on putting the curtains up. He couldn't finish though because of screw issues. He's "hopefully" finishing up tomorrow.

My Mam made dinner again. This week she made a beef, mushroom and onion pie with roast potatoes, carrots and swede (sp?). It was delicious!

She also made a "Jam Rolly-Poly" for pudding. That was fantastic! At least, I thought it was!

Right... Well... I think that'll do for today... Going to go curl up with Kero.

Enjoy whatever's left of your day. :)



KAYLEE said...

Wait how long til you blog again after?

KAYLEE said...

not doing well :(

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

tori i thought you said we would need to get a "cup of coffee" ive had "2cups"lol.

seriously love it was a very imformative blog, as it give's every one a bit of idea as to what is going to happen when you go to hospital, and i think you are being VERY brave over it as you know what you are going to go through this time :).

glad you enjoyed your dinner and it sounded really lovely especially the " jam roly poly" where's my bit or did you eat it for me ,lol.
me and your grandad are looking forward to catching up with you all at carls & rachel's wedding, and thats not long now is it. :).

Tori_z said...

Depends how I'm feeling. All being well I should be able to blog the day I come home, which would mean that - if everything goes as smoothly as hoped - you wouldn't even have time to miss me. But if I end up in longer, or if when I get home I'm too sleepy or just simply not feeling up to it, then it could be longer. Who knows? Last time I was in hospital for close to two weeks because I wasn't well enough to come home, but this time I might be ready to come home next day like the doctors are hoping. I suppose it depends how quickly I come out of the anasthetic (sp?) and how well I can keep food down and all that to when I come home. And it depends on how well the anasthetic is out of my system and the affects whatever I have for pain relief have on me to how long after that I will feel up to blogging. It also depends if everything goes smoothly or if there are complications. All I can say for definate is that - since over here it isn't possible to get internet access while in hospital - I wont have my laptop with me, so it will be the day after the op at the earliest before I blog. Mind you, even if I had the laptop in hospital I doubt I'd feel up to blogging that day anyway.

Well, if you had something to eat too it would have only been one cuppa. LOL!

Yes, I ate your bit of Jam Rolly-Poly. And it was very nice too. :)

This time next month Carl and Rachel will be married... Can you believe it? Time sure is flying by!

LadyStyx said...

Thanks for the heads up on the food *munchin on a corned beef sandwich while reading* and drink. That dinner and dessert sounded wonderful! Only one cuppa tea here, but cuppa beverages are larger than the normal (think a large mug instead of a smallish cup).

Tori_z said...

I don't use those silly little cups. My mugs are about twice the size of those. Then there's my big mug... That one's about four times the size of those silly little cups. I have seen bigger though (when we were in Canada). I don't know why they don't tend to do big ones here very often. Maybe they just think we like making tea? *Shrugs* You'd think though that with the amount of tea we drink over here they'd give us those big mugs, wouldn't you?

(Kelly wants one of those big mugs for coffee too. LOL!)

Jayde_Bramblerose said...

glad you enjoyed my " jam roly poly " lol.

and i never thought to have a sandwhich with my drinks ( so hence to many visits to the loo ) lol.

and yes it is hard to believe that the wedding will be all over by this time next month, :).